Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday treats

As you might have noticed, by the end of the week, usually on Friday, I like to treat myself. Be it a bar of chocolate with a magazine, lipstick, nail polish, jewelry, bag, shoes and such. So here is what I got for the end of this awful and rather hard week!

A perfect combination for relaxing. Good tea and After Eight chocolates! Love them! This tea is new for me, I've never actually seen this brand before and was literally sold by the looks of the packaging. It looks so fancy and modern. 
Check out the tea bag. How pretty!
The tea tastes soo good and is caffeine free!
You can check their website an see their selection of teas if you wish. I really want to try out strawberry cream, rooibos vanilla and minty green tea. Sounds promising!

I don't normally go for this kinda shapeless boho bags, I like my bags to have a structure and a shape.But when I saw it, I just fell in love with this bag. It's so effortless and bohemian looking, very summery. I like the fact that it's suede. For some reason I like the suede look in bags and shoes, quite often more than leather. Almost all my shoes are suede but I've never owned such bag. I believe that it's not very practical and it will get dirty easily, but prettiness wins in my case. We are planning on going to Turkey this summer with my boyfriend so I thought it will be a perfect bag for that. Summery, beachy looking, neutral color which means that it will go most of my brighter summer outfits. 

Have a nice weekend, guys! Girls, love yourselves, cause if you don't, who else will? Treat your beautiful selves with some little presents. And remember, happy girls are prettier!


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