Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fav mascaras

  By far these are my favorite and most purchased drugstore mascaras. Loreal Voluminous and Maybelline Falsies. I think they beat high end mascaras with their quality and the price, which is far from ridiculously priced high end mascaras. I've tried YSL, Dior, Chanel, Lancome and I can say that I prefer Loreal Voluminous to them. It's the best mascara I've come across, it lasts good 3 months without drying, the wand  is classic, which means it's not too big,not too small and doesn't have a weird shape to it. It does a wonderful job at lenghtening and volumising your lashes without any clumpyness. It's a rich black color and most importantly by the end of the day I don't get panda eyes. For 7 euro a tube I'll be definitely repurchasing it over and over again!
  Another great mascara Maybelline Falsies works just as well. It gives a lot of volume to your lashes, however it can get clumpy if you layer it too much and you may end up with spidery lashes afterwards. I don't love it as much as Loreal, because the wand is not my favorite shape and it can smudge under your eyes by the end of the day, but overall effect that it gives satisfies my needs:) Prices are quite similar of both mascaras, but it depends where you get it really.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moment of the day

  This is what happens when authors of maths book are trying to be funny:

"Infinity is a large, wild beast".

"...if we did have infinitely many Ping-Pong balls, their weight would squash us like small bugs".

"thus, we use our power of imagination to save us from these potentially dangerous balls..."
Haha. Funny! Not.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sales continue...

I'm a Zara girl so I popped into the store to check their new Spring/Summer collection items and saw that they still carry on the last sales items. Prices were highly reduced so I couldn't help myself but purchase a few things.

They are rather casual pieces, but I love all of them. I feel that these black boots are perfect for winter (even if it's almost over) since they have fake fur inside and are leather, not suede (which I always tend to buy), which means that they will resist to rain and melting snow all around.


Rolling on

  Now this is something I've heard a lot of good things about and Ruth from A Model Recommends...totally convinced me to try it out. Although she was raving about the tinted version of this Garnier roll-on stick, I thought I'll try the original version first. I am a student which means I never get enough of sleep. 6 hours a night is a relief to me. So in the morning my eyes are often tired and sleepy, I tend to have dark under eye circles as well. This product contains caffeine, which is supposed to help with your dark circles, refresh and awaken your eyes. I have to say that my first thought when I tried it on was "What? And that's it?". However, now I cannot begin my morning routine without this product. What I love about it is that it gives a very nice cooling and refreshing effect. I feel like my eyes are getting their morning glass of water. I literally just roll it under my eye like 10 seconds and move on to another eye, when I'm done, my eyes are fresh, awake and ready for make up. This little metal ball is cold, but it feels very pleasant. I could just sit and roll it under my eyes the whole day. All you night birds, go grab one and join the morning rollers club.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dior favorites

  So here are my fav products from Dior. I don't own as many products from Dior as as I wish I would, but so far I loved everything I've tried from this brand. And I think there is no need to say that the packaging looks lovely and luxurious. I can never pass by Dior and Chanel counters without this dreamy gaze at their products...I know, it's silly, but I can't help myself.

DiorSkin Nude loose powder, Dior Amber Diamond highlighter, Dior Lip Glow, DiorShow mascara and black eyeliner.
 Dior Show is possibly my favorite high end mascara. It has a huge wand, which can be a pain in the arse to apply for the tiny wand lovers, but for me it's ok. It has lovely rosy scent to it, does a pretty good job for elongating and providing lashes with volume. It doesn't dry out as quickly as YSL Faux Cils mascara, which is a big plus:)
 Dior Amber Diamond highlighter. No words needed, picture is self explanatory. It's just the most beautiful highlighter you can get. It gives such a beautiful glow to your cheekbones! Doesn't look patchy or too shimmery on the skin. Has just the right amount of shimmer. Actually I don't know what it is, it's not sparkly or glittery, your skin just glows like in the candlelight. Love it!
 DiorSkin Nude is actually a powder foundation, but I always use it as a setting powder over my foundation. Sometimes on those lazy days I would just apply it on the skin without any foundation for a light satin-like coverage. It's a very nice product, but too expensive for the amount you get.
 Lastly, my beloved black eyeliner. There is nothing left of it, but I always keep it in my bag, in case I'll have black-eyeliner emergency:) This pencil is amazing. It glides on so easily, doesn't smudge at all. Once you have it on, it will last all day. I didn't use it on my waterline so I can't say about that, but for lining your upper lash line it's just perfect. The texture is different, it's like a rubber, it's not creamy at all and is pretty hard, but can be easily applied at the same time. Haha, makes no sense, try it out and you'll see:)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ins and Outs

  • Kellogg's Honey Loop cereal
  • Dior lip glow
  • Babyliss hair rollers
  • Sunshine
  • Red nail polish
  • My man(:
  • Listening to Adele
  • Cold weather. Enough already,ugh!
  • Using cheaper petrol for a car. Takes ages to start the engine.
  • Straightened hair
  • Rich food,meat
  • Face breakout
  • Dry hands
  • Psychology exams


Saturday, February 12, 2011

An evening in Paris

  Ok, so my beloved cousin (love you, sis!) insisted me to post this from my notebook because she thought it was funny:) So here you go!

Sitting in Starbucks, waiting for my man . He's gone to take his mum from airport. I find that very sweet:) I miss him, only if it's been just 3 hours that I'm alone.
  Starbucks...I have such mixed opinions about it. Sometimes I hate it and think people come here only because it is fashionable to have a cup with this signature green logo in their hands, no matter how overpriced your coffee is. Sometimes I love it and find it somewhat special. If it is so popular all over the world, there must be a reason for it, no? Let's take a look at my order: medium size vanilla rooibos tea, served in a recyclable cup, cake thé vert au framboises, a classy little spoon and a serviette (tissue) made from recycled paper. They are earth- friendly, taste of the tea and cake is perfect as for a Sunday evening, calm jazz music floating in the air, cozy atmosphere. Why would you hate Starbucks? I have better reasons to hate typical Parisian cafes. You come in, middle aged French waiter with a hooked nose gives you a fake smile, says Bonsoir, and when he notices you are not french, he just drops the menu right in front of you. You ask for a fruit cocktail without alcohol and they claim they don't have it, because oh it's so hard to exclude alcohol from a drink! Then you order latte, because what's the other choice left, right? When you tell what you want, the waiter pretends to be confused so that you would repeat your order several times:
- Coffee latte...LATTE, please
- Cafe laaa-te?!
- Yes, please.
Finally, he serves your coffee with no glass of water. Because who gives a glass of water with coffee for a foreigner?:) (Doesn't matter that people all around had one). Then they are watching you with a face full of French arrogance while you drink your coffee. When you are heading out, they tell you a stupid joke in French and because you don't understand it, they would insert few English words to make it "understandable" and then a rude bye-bye will lead you out of the cafe.
  This is why it is worth going to Starbucks, you will be treated properly and always welcome. Plus, the variety of lattes will make you happy.
Still at Starbucks waiting for my man...I'm kinda starving, didn't eat since breakfast (green tea cake doesn't count). He's on his way to catch me up. OK, the classical music is way too loud in here. What is it, Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi? God, I know NOTHING about classical music. Must take a note on that and write it down on my "Things to do in life" list.
- Learn to distinguish between classical music artists. Learn the names of the most famous symphonies.


Best top coat alert!

This is, hands down, the best top coat I've tried so far. It dries withing seconds (hence the name) leaving your nails super shiny. I literally saw my reflect while looking at my nails, no joke:) I got it in a store where they sell supplies for hair and beauty salons, but you can get it at
Looove it! I've always had problems drying my nails. It just takes so long to dry them without messing up but now after I'm done with my polish, I just slap this on and my nails are dry within the blink of an eye.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Babyliss heated rollers

  So I've been always wanting to achieve this big, sexy, voluminous, wavy hair effect and I finally did! My hair is naturally wavy and very thin, quite damaged with constant use of blow dryer and flat iron. I used to straighten my hair every day, but since this summer I decided to give my hair a break and make them healthier ( got sick of pin straight hair as well). I wear my hair as it is naturally, but it lacks volume, I tried curling them with my flat iron and it looks quite pretty, but still doesn't give me the effect I am going for and doesn't last long. Then I saw many girls on Youtube use hot rollers and decided to give them a go. I came across Babyliss heated rollers and as the price was very reasonable ( ~30 euro), I picked them up.
  So here are my babies, they are sooo easy to use, from my previous experience with basic plastic rollers, I thought I'll mess up again and end up with a funky hair style. However I was completely wrong. Basically you press the red button on and wait 30mins. till the rollers heat up. One roller has this red dot and when it becomes white, you know they are ready to use. You section your hair into 3 sections: front and two sides. Each section should contain about 3 pieces of hair that you need to roll up. The set contains 20 rollers (6 small, 6 medium, 8 big) and 20 clips for each of them. So you just roll your hair towards your head, starting with the ends (wrap them around the roller first) and secure the section with a clip. When you have all of your rollers in, wait 15mins. and take them out slowly and carefully so that you won't mess up the curl. Spray each section with a hairspray and you can repeat that again when you have taken all the rollers out just to make sure your curls stay in place and look shiny. If you want a messier look, just play with a teasing comb or brush with a paddle brush for soft wave effect. I'm so in love with my rollers now, it's quick, easy and gives you polished, sexy ala Victoria's secret hair look. I just put my rollers in  while I do my make up and my hair does itself:). The only downside of Babyliss rollers is that the clips are very poor quality, I still cannot understand what they were thinking for adding these clips to the set. They are so thin and hardly hold your rollers. As I don't use all of the 20 rollers at a time, I use 2 clips on each roller so that my hair stays in place. Ladies, I highly recommend getting heated rollers, they are not damaging your hair like your ususal heated devices that, your hair looks voluminous and sexy! That's what we want our hair to look like,no?;)

It looks funny, but don't worry, the result is worth it:)


La-tweez tweezers

  Ok, now these should end up in every girl's bag. I've been eyeing those tweezers for a while and finally got them. The only thing I can say is AMAZING! What a genius idea to put a led light into tweezers. Now It is so much easier to pluck my eyebrows, you can see every single hair that is out of place. The packaging looks very sleek and solid, luxurious I would say, plus it is very convenient at the same time. It has a little mirror inside of it so you can basically pluck your brows anywhere when you need to. In a rest room, hotel room, plane, car, bus, those places usually lack good lighting so with this pretty little tool you will have perfectly shaped brows anytime, I swear;)



Finally it's Friday and I can relax with the best tea in the world (vanilla,blueberries,roses), candies and blogging:)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Funny moment of the day

I was in a local make up store, a guy came in and stopped by the GOSH counter, sales assistant:
- Do you need some help?
- I need to buy foundation for my gf
- Well but It's hard to choose the right one without a girl
- She has fair skin
- Maybe this would work...bla bla bla
- Ok, I'll take this!

I thought that was super funny, considering the fact that boyfriend is buying foundation for his girl, secondly nobody knows her skin type and lastly there was no color match, he just randomly picked the lightest shade. Probably that's why many girls walk whether with orange mask or the super pale faces. Haha

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nail polish faves

I thought I would post my favorite colors of the season, I believe they will end up in my "all time favorites" list, roughly because these shades are so beautiful, classic and go basically with anything you wear. Love them! All of them are from Essie as it has become my favorite nail polish brand. The consistency, application and lasting power of Essie varnishes is just peculiar. I haven't come across any other polish that applies so smoothly, looks shiny even without a topcoat and lasts good 4-5 days without chipping.Essie, I owe you an award! So here they are: Exotic liras, A-list and Bahama Mama
 A perfect deep red cream
 Gorgeous fuchsia, looks amazing in summer
 A warm,deep aubergine kinda plumy color

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mini Update:

My second day nails with Chanel's Paradoxal. Told you, it doesn't last more than 2 days without chipping.

I really want to get Dragon, though. Is it worth getting, or all Chanel polishes are the same quality? What are your recommendations, ladies?


Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

  As you can probably tell from the pictures below, I'm a big fan of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle scent. It's probably my most favorite fragrance, which has become my signature scent. Whenever I wear it, I feel very feminine, sophisticated and sexy. Actually I just found out that Mademoiselle includes orange and grapefruit, which I'm not a huge fan of, but I never felt distracted by them while wearing the perfume. That's the description of  Mademoiselle: "Top notes of Coco Mademoiselle Parfum incorporate Sicilian oranges, Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian grapefruit. A floral heart is created of pure rose extract and pure jasmine extract, along with a fruity touch of litchi, while its base notes carry a combination of Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, Bourbon vanilla ad white musk. This fragrance is dedicated to courageous, brave and modern women who prefer luxury and elegance".
  I definitely feel jasmine, roses and a spicy note the most. The notes are drawn together so well, combining this perfect young and elegant scent. It's definitely not a light or "fresh" perfume. Honestly, I'm kinda sick of those "fresh", "clean" scents, ala D&G Light Blue, Chloe by Chloe, Marc Jacobs Daisy. No offence to people that love those perfumes, it's just not my cup of tea. I like deeper, sexier, reminiscent, sweet, musky, sophisticated, powerful, scents. I love the scent with a character, not a clean scent (kinda reminds me of washing powder).
  Also I wanna rave about this gorgeous Coco Mademoiselle body lotion. My bottle was nearly over but my generous boyfriend knew how to make me happy and surprised me with a new bottle of this lotion. (Not that I love touching my silky skin by myself). Anyway, girls, who love this scent, I suggest you trying this body lotion. It's on a pricey side, but believe me, it is beyond amazing. The scent, the texture, application, effect on the skin...I don't know if it is possible to come across something quite like this. It's a very thin milky lotion, it is not cream like, not thick at all. It spreads on your skin very easily, providing a good moisture and the silkiest feeling to your skin. The lotion itself has tiny micro shimmery particles that look very delicate and beautiful on the skin, especially when the sun hits it. I remember few days ago applying the lotion on my newly shaved legs and wondering to myself: "God, if I drop a satin scarf on my leg, if will slip away like in those Gilette Venus commercials". In fact, I used Venus...well,I'm pretty sure it's Chanel:)


Monday, February 7, 2011

Zara cravings

These are few of the things that I'm craving to get from Zara at the moment.:)

Love those flats, they are sooo pretty and so sparkly! 

 I feel that this baby blue cardigan would look cute and feel cosy during chilly summer evenings.