Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blog Sale!

Hey everyone! 
Here are the beauty products from my stash that I'm putting on sale. I accept only PayPal payments as this is the most efficient and safest way to to do it.
 I will ship internationally and here are the rates:
Lithuania- 3eur
Europe- 8eur
USA- 18eur
If you have any further questions, contact me at:

It's only beauty for now, I may add bags and accessories in the future!
 Bourjois Rose Exclusif lip gloss (adapts to the pH of your lips and turns into a bright pink shade. Much like the O gloss from Smashbox. Used 2x) 5eur
Bourjois 3D effect lip gloss in #08 Framboise Tonic (used 4-5x) 3eur
Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Pearl Plum (used 4x) 4 eur

 Kiko False Lashes Concentrate Curling Top Coat mascara (Black.Curved wand. Tested once) 3eur
Kiko Super Colour Burgundy mascara #5 (Regular brush wand. Tested once) 3eur
 Gosh Velvet Touch eyeliner in Purple Stain (used 3-4x) 2eur
Revlon black eyeliner (tested once) 3eur
 Macadamia shine spray (used 3x) 4 eur
Klorane mango leave-in cream for dry hair (90% of the product left) 4 eur
Loreal Professionel Absolut Repair leave-in cream for damaged hair (80% of the product left) 6 eur
 Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart (used 2x) 5 eur
Loreal Rouge Caresse in Innocent Pink (used 3x) 5 eur
 The Body Shop rose cream highlighter (super pretty but I have High Beam which will last me ages. Don't feel the need to have this huge one too! 90% of the product left) 9 eur
 YSL Rouge Volupté in Forbidden Burgundy #12 (used 4-5x) 13 eur
Armani Silk lipstick in #30 (used 3x) 13 eur
Mac Blankety (used 3x) 10 eur
 Benefit Bella Bamba (swatched for the videos 2x) 20 eur
Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy (used once) 6 eur
Essie Marabou (used 3x) 5 eur
Essie Mademoiselle (80% of the product left) 4 eur
Opi I Pink I Love You (used once) 6 eur
Opi 25 Colourful Years LE (used 3x) 5 eur
Mavala Aquamarine (new) 3eur

Friday, September 28, 2012

My everyday necklace

Because I love this necklace so much, I thought why not to write a little post on it, right? Some of my subscribers keep asking me where it is from. So, I'm here to tell you, it is from Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Anna Zele is the designer or a brand, which I've never heard of before. They do have a website but the jewelry is not sold on there.
I was always very interested in Dogeared Karma necklaces, I love the "what goes around comes around" philosophy. This particular necklace just hung abandoned on a velvet stand when I passed by. It instantly caught my eye, the bright lights of the department store made it glimmer, it looked so delicate and pretty. I just knew I have to have it! On the first floor of Galeries Lafayette you have loooots of jewelry, all kinds of styles and many brands to chose from. I don't know the name of this stand/shop/seller, maybe it's Anna Zele, it's too confusing, but I'm not certain, it may only be one of the designers of the brand. They sell the most beautiful things, extremely dainty jewelry..bracelets, necklaces, rings are all barely visible on the skin, they just sparkle delicately. The prices range from 15eur to about 800<. If you are ever there and come across the daintiest jewelry pieces, that's what I'm talking about! 
I haven't taken the necklace off since I got it in May. I just love it, it has become a part of me, barely noticeable, comfortable as I don't even feel I'm wearing it. I do sleep and shower with it on too and it had a few perfume baths as I forget to be careful with it. Miraculously enough, nothing about it has changed! It's gold and silver so it's easy to match with other jewelry.
I'm not so sure if you would be able to find the same one but take a look at Dogeared and Jennifer Zeuner for similar pieces.

Links to similar necklaces:

Dogeared in gold
Jennifer Zeuner

Do you have a necklace you wear all the time? :)


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer blues

I love blue nail polish and summer is the season I reach for it the most. When I go for color on my nails, blue makes me the happiest. I have a few variations of it. Lilacs are pretty too but they just make my hands look deathly, blue compliments most skin tones, I find. When brands like Chanel come with collections that have blues in it (Les Jeans de Chanel), my heart skips a beat. Coco Blue is still tempting me a lot!
Here's Essie Lapis of Luxury on my nails and it's soo sooo pretty! The creamy pacific blue, I just can't get enough of it.
Left to right: Lithuanian polish that's nearly impossible to find, Chanel's Coco Blue is a similar option;
Chanel Blue Boy- a darker jean type of blue, not as pastel, very unique;
Loreal- French Riviera. LOVE! The palest of them all and the one I think I love the most. It also lasts for a whole week and has a gel texture! Remember Chanel Riva? Very similar.
Manhattan-67S, that's a very unique one, it's a purple-ish blue, the shade of violets. 
Essie Lapis of Luxury

What are your favourite blues?


Friday, July 6, 2012

“…choose to believe in your own myth 
your own glamour 
your own spell 
a young woman who does this 
(even if she is just pretending) 
has everything….”
-francesca lia block.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dream Reader dress

I've been waiting for the weather to get warmer to do this post. The sun has finally appeared and we can all jump into our dresses.

This particular dress I was kindly sent by SugarLips. I am not someone to accept everything I would get offered but having been given the chance to pick the item myself from the e-shop, I was happy to do so. If you are my blog or Youtube channel follower, you will already know that I only share my honest opinions in everything. I'm not someone to fool people and am not paid to do the review. So, here are my thoughts on the dress. I suppose, pictures speak for themselves but a few words wouldn't hurt.

First off, I chose this dress because of the colors, I love purple and turquoise mix. It's a very happy, holiday type of dress that I would gladly wear at the poolside with some wedges or barefoot on the beach. It's not very much of a city wear but if you have birthday or wedding to attend to, it's a great option. The shape of it is gonna look very flattering both on skinny girls and fuller figures. It has frills on top which makes your bust look bigger, the tie at the waistline will accentuate your shape and the shorter front will expose just the right amount of your legs. The length of it is perfect for any occasion and the longer flowy back make it super feminine and flirty.
Now, onto the downsides. The material is pretty poor quality, that's the first thing I've noticed once I opened the package. The threads on the straps were shedding. Seeing this disappointed me a whole lot. I mean, I haven't even worn the dress yet and I see it falling apart already. Considering the price of it, I was glad I was sent it for free. 
All in all, I cannot judge the brand having seen only one product but I highly suggest Sugar Lips to either lower your prices or increase the quality of materials and sewing. As a customer, I would be highly disappointed to receive an item quality wise so inadequate to it's price.
The dress is currently sold out but since I first checked their site, the stock list has majorly improved. They now have a huge selection of very unique pieces that are super tempting. However, be warn that their clothing may not last you a couple seasons.
Here's a link to the dress:

They are now having a sale so check out the website:

I particularly like this casual number

Here's a discount code for you which you need to enter at checkout to get a 50% OFF! 
Happy shopping;)


Friday, June 29, 2012

Saint Laurent Paris reveal?

Have you heard of this? Yves Saint Laurent is changing the name into Saint Laurent Paris in spring 2013. I find that super bizarre! Supposedly the logo will remain the same but what will ladies do carrying their YSL Cabas Chyc bags that have only "Y" initial on, when it's gonna be dropped? The new name sounds posh but it's gonna be hard to get used to it.
Anyways, here's my little Net-a-Porter sale purchase. Exciting!
Beautiful, isn't it! I love it. It's an Arty ring but not the original one. I have been wanting to get the Arty rings for so long and have tried numerous variations of it in Paris..lapis, turquoise, coral etc. They are all pretty and super hard to pick but...I went for the other style which is less common. The rings are seriously all over the place, I think there's not a single fashion blogger who doesn't own it but hey, they are pretty and so exquisite! I don't wanna call them unique anymore. They are, if you compare them to other rings on the market but due to their popularity, not anymore.

How do you like the bring lipstick shade? I think it's very me. Isn't it so Byzantine? I think it actually was Ottoman Empire inspired because you can spot lots of rings in such a style in Turkey.
 My size is 7 and it fits perfectly! 
The only downside is that the ring is way lighter than I thought it would be. The original styles have glass stones whereas this model has just enamel color instead of a stone put it. They are highly overpriced and prices were raised even further so I'm glad I could score it for a little less.
I love how comfortable it is, never thought they were! 

I still am not "Arty satisfied", the original ones just call my name so bad but I gotta be a good girl for once!


Zara outfit ideas

Hey you all, ladies! So, as promised here are my outfit ideas for various occasions to give you an idea of how I'd style some pieces. Hope you like it! 

Classy badass
Rocker chic
Easy summer glam
Minimal sophistication
Stylish at the office

French Riviera gal
Modern class

Which look is your fave? 


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zara sale shopping guide/ my picks

Hello my lovely readers! I suppose there's a lot of Zara fans among us especially since their collections have been extremely pretty lately! So, the sales have started today and I was first to check my favourite items and their reduced prices. It's only the first round so the reductions are not impressive. The best is to shop when the sales are coming to an end because you get the best deals but then again, you can hardly find any items you've wanted left or at least the right size. That's the dilemma for y'all!

Now, I've been eyeing, trying on and off these items I'm about to share and I really do love them! I'm planning to get at least a few of them so hopefully, this post will be helpful for those of you who can relate to my style or lack inspiration and usually get lost during the overwhelming sales! :) Also, I got asked how do I find such exquisite pieces at Zara and how do I know what to buy. I honestly get whatever attracts my attention. If I see the item and I say "wow", then I need not think further. But if I'm in doubt, I better leave the piece behind. While shopping, I try not to go for items that are very trendy, I mostly shop for classic styles, cuts and just in general pieces that I know I'll be able to wear for a couple of years and will be able to pair with a lot of the clothing items I already own. I mostly go for neutral classic colors because it's just more me, I'm not the biggest fan of colorful stuff. I do wear color but moderately, just like with all the trend pieces. Ok, enough of rambling, here are my picks:

Shorts for all occasions
 Well fitted and tailored blazers. I'm particularly keen of the crisp white blazers lately and also this super chic vest which you can throw on over anything and make even the simplest tee look classier! 
For those of you who love tweed style jackets. They are my favorite because I always associate them with Chanel's class. They are easy to wear modern styles of the classy tweed jackets. 
 Stylish shoes for long walks. How gorgeous are these?!
 Pretty heels for evenings out
 The two top dresses look white but they actually are the prettiest pale yellow shade. These are glamorous and flirty little dresses that won't look tacky.
Knitwear for those chilly evenings. You can pair them with everything from shorts to pencils skirts and simple skinny jeans.
I love Zara blouses! Have quite a few of them and I keep wearing them for years! They are great quality and materials are divine! 
 Perfect t-shirts for those casual days
 Now these are some of the coolest trousers ever. They are just so bad ass! The sheer side? How genius is that! All of them are very minimal and modern but super posh. 
I love these sheer and flowy skirts but they are definitely not everyone's cup of tea and probably will be on trend only for a while but you can enjoy the more relaxed hippy look for days at the beach.
 These are some fun dresses for the days out with your girls
 Who can say no to a pair of chic sandals? Nude is a great color choice because they will elongate your legs instead of making them look shorter which most sandals do!
Big tote bags to fit all your fun summer necessities aka water, sunglasses, book, sunscreen and what not. Again, I love neutral bags because they go with any outfit and also look great during all the seasons. 
 Scarves for me are essential living in a windy city.
And lastly here are some accessories that I think are really pretty!

I did some collages with outfit ideas featuring most of these pieces and I am going to post it tomorrow so you can get a better idea of what to wear with these items. Have you got anything you love from Zara already? Hope you all have a great evening! Until then!