Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ins and Outs

My blog has been terribly abused lately. I am aware of that and I'll try to fix the problem soon. Next week, in fact, when I'm done with my finals:) Yay! Now, this is a little post not to neglect it completely.

-Weather getting warmer day by day, which means I can wear lighter clothes. This equals awesome!
-Mavala 'Velvet' nail polish. I love this shade! A beautiful rosewood, perfect no-fuss neutral.
-Coral lipsticks. Yeah, my coral kick is'll get bored of me mentioning this color, eventually. Same as it was with burgundy, now my word is "coral". Lol
-Shorts + tights + ballerinas combo. This has been my go-to outfit lately.
-Chanel No.19 Poudre. Still.
-Pure coconut oil. Oh my goodness, don't even get me started on that! I use it more than I'm supposed to. On everything! Hair, lashes, brows, lips, cuticles, skin, you name it...

-No time for blogging. I miss it!
-Hectic period at uni. Essays, finals. Studying= student dying, so true.
-Skipping gym for so long. Need to get back on track!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Look of the day

Blazer- Zara
Jeans- Zara
Belt- Zara
Are you loling already? Ok.
Blouse- Lindex
 Necklace is h&m. It's so vintage looking and very edgy. I like it a lot.
 Black bangle is old and I've no idea where I got it from. It was that metal enamel bangle trend going on and I have quite a few pretty ones still. The gold charm bracelet is one my grannie used to wear ALL the time. I remember adoring this bracelet of her wrist when I was a kid. She said she doesn't wear it anymore and let me take it. I love it! Truly vintage family piece. It's very unique.
 Nail polish is Opi Vodka&Caviar such a sexy bloody red!
 My mini red leather bow bag from Zara. SO glad I snapped it during sales! It fits all my necessities, even camera, believe it or not and the leather is very lovely. I'm also mad on myself I didn't get the same one in nude color which I initially wanted. They were sold out:( That's a lesson, if you love something, get it before it's gone!
 Stacking action. Panther bangle is from Stradivarius and I love it! Snakeskin imitation one is from h&m. Got in Portugal in autumn so not sure they still sell these. The tiny one is a recent purchase from Mango and I love how unique and delicate it is. Ring is Mango also. 
 My makeup is super natural and simple:
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
Loreal True Match powder
NYC creme stick blush
Mac Patina eyeshadow
Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara
Revlon eyebrow definer
Clarins Lip Perfector 01

All was done in a few minutes. Very easy!

Hope you are having a lovely day, ladies!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

This week..

A lot of these pictures have been featured on my twitter so if you follow me, you'll have seen them already. I love the idea of this kind of blog post. It's fun to see what people have been up to and what their daily routines consist of. So, here are some snippets of my life this week.

Treating my fluff ball Bella with exquisite meals. Salmon and prawns. You go, girl!
Beauty shopping has been so much fun. It's one of my fave things to do and such a great retail therapy for any girl out there. I'm doing a makeup swap with Elle Fowler on youtube so lots of these goodies are for her. Isn't that a brilliant idea to exchange makeup with someone who lives overseas and get to try the things you won't normally find in your homeland? I think it's pretty cool, can't wait to send out the things I bought for her!
Coral. My color this season, period. Got a lipstick in this rich coral shade and I love it, can't wait to play around with it and wear it out! Love. It's by Deborah in case you are interested.
Treating my hair with sparkle. Yes, that's a shampoo full of shimmer, how amazing is that? It caught my attention the minute I saw it. A girl can never have enough of sparkle in her life. It's such a hair love month for me, I got so many treats for my locks and I'm definitely hoping to see some magic happen. I love the shampoo, it really softens my hair and makes the blond color glow. Not sure about the conditioner though. It's not bad, I guess.
Sunset. Beautiful, nothing else to add.
Bella, probably feeling guilty. Or not. Caught in the morning after a wild night. God knows what she was doing at night to turn my room into such a mess. LOL
This is the result of sparkle treats to my hair. Super soft and shiny. I wore it out like that, all natural. It rarely happens but I wasn't left unnoticed.
Having fun with girls
Shopping shopping shopping. That's without a doubt a thing I love to do. Spring/summer pieces leave me oohh and aahh-ing so I simply can't resist to all that jazz calling my name. Nudes, rose gold, coral/orange. I'm sold. I'm gonna film a fashion haul but there's a few pieces I desire so bad so I'll hold on before filming that because I know my shopping journey is not over just yet.
Weather this morning. Seriously, what's up with that? It's Easter morning or Christmas all over again?
I'm glad the snow melted throughout the day but come onnn...bring on the spring already, I wanna wear ballerina shoes and my new heals already! I look like a moron with my pastel peach nails right now.
That's pretty much the definition of me. It will never be warm enough for me nor my feet.
Managed to hold Bella for some snaps this Easter morning. She obviously wasn't very pleased with that but hey ho, I need to have at least some pics with her.
Seems that the only one posing was me. I'm ok with that.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring trend dilemma

I think I shall always be doing that, I mean bringing camera with me to the changing rooms. It makes shopping so much easier, you don't need to buy stuff. Just put it on, record, take pictures and you're done. Then the "shopping" process is when you revise the material and see what looks good on you and what doesn't. What's left is just to pop into a store, grab your items and head to the checkout.

Shopping becomes a really fun experience that way and you also get to plan in advance. No impulse shopping- getting well thought-out  pieces.

Spring/Summer clothes in Zara are so pretty, mainly for the soft pastel colors and the flowy sheer materials. I think coral is my color of the season. I'm now leaving burgundy aside and jumping into everything coral/orange toned. It just goes so well with my paleness+blonde hair. Or at least I think so.
Now the styles, is a bit of a controversial topic. There's a lot of maxi items around at the moment. Skirts, dresses all seem to go below the knees. It sure is not a trend for everyone. Very 70's, very hipster. What's the most important rocking this trend in my opinion is not to look too hippy-ish. I'd go for sheer transparent materials (can have a skirt/shorts inside as in pic below), definitely pair it with heels and avoid all sorts of cropped or fringy tops with vests. If you wanna break the stereotype, you ought to keep it more feminine and classy. Shabby looks and maxi is not gonna do you any favors.

On another note, me and my boyfriend have been discussing this whole "trend" thing. I showed him the pictures to hear an opinion from a male perspective. He absolutely hated it. I have to say, I strongly agree and sort of disagree with his opinion. He said that it's ridiculous, these maxi skirts being trendy. It's only because it's Zara and you see them everywhere now that you think it's "cool", it's a beautiful look. While in reality you look like a hipster and cover the femininity and beauty with these sort of items. A good example he gave is when he said that if you saw such a skirt two years ago in some sort of bazaar, you'd never think it's beautiful. Now as it's trend, you think it is. He also stressed that there is no sense of class or good taste in them. It's not like on the past, the idea of "classy", "sophisticated" is distorted and people wear all these crazy things with no fit, no good tailoring and no shape. He said do you see how now everything shabby, loose, baggy, drappy, unkept, undone is "stylish". The elegance is gone, you first see these clothing pieces, not a woman, when in essence it has to be the other way around.

There is so much truth in his words and I so agree with him. However, being young you want to experiment with everything that's new and trendy, that has fun colours or different shapes. I really like this coral skirt I'm modeling or the snake print palazzo pants but I'm not so keen about buying them anymore. What my boyfriend, who doesn't care about fashion but believes in having a good taste and style, said kind of opened my eyes more. It really reminded me of The Little Book of Fashion by Christian Dior. The idea is pretty much the same and Dior stressed exactly that. I'm gonna enjoy playing around with the "newcomers" but will think more before going out and splurging my money on trendy pieces.
These mint jeans have an incredibly nice fit and the colour is fun and summery. These are a good seasonal buy and you can definitely style them many different ways.
I find halter neck dresses super flattering, the bottom part, however of this particular dress is not gonna flatter everyone. Belt is not necessary here, it's just a detail to spice it all up a little. I have to say that I love these heels and want them in black and another color. They are so versatile and have that feminine style. No platform, no bulkiness. Delicate straps, skin showing, I think they're very sexy!

What are your opinions on trends or Zara styles in particular, ladies? Let me know your opinion:) 


Sunday, April 1, 2012


Zara: jumper, sandals, maxi skirt
Mulberry bag
Chanel June nail polish
Etsy rings