Friday, July 6, 2012

“…choose to believe in your own myth 
your own glamour 
your own spell 
a young woman who does this 
(even if she is just pretending) 
has everything….”
-francesca lia block.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dream Reader dress

I've been waiting for the weather to get warmer to do this post. The sun has finally appeared and we can all jump into our dresses.

This particular dress I was kindly sent by SugarLips. I am not someone to accept everything I would get offered but having been given the chance to pick the item myself from the e-shop, I was happy to do so. If you are my blog or Youtube channel follower, you will already know that I only share my honest opinions in everything. I'm not someone to fool people and am not paid to do the review. So, here are my thoughts on the dress. I suppose, pictures speak for themselves but a few words wouldn't hurt.

First off, I chose this dress because of the colors, I love purple and turquoise mix. It's a very happy, holiday type of dress that I would gladly wear at the poolside with some wedges or barefoot on the beach. It's not very much of a city wear but if you have birthday or wedding to attend to, it's a great option. The shape of it is gonna look very flattering both on skinny girls and fuller figures. It has frills on top which makes your bust look bigger, the tie at the waistline will accentuate your shape and the shorter front will expose just the right amount of your legs. The length of it is perfect for any occasion and the longer flowy back make it super feminine and flirty.
Now, onto the downsides. The material is pretty poor quality, that's the first thing I've noticed once I opened the package. The threads on the straps were shedding. Seeing this disappointed me a whole lot. I mean, I haven't even worn the dress yet and I see it falling apart already. Considering the price of it, I was glad I was sent it for free. 
All in all, I cannot judge the brand having seen only one product but I highly suggest Sugar Lips to either lower your prices or increase the quality of materials and sewing. As a customer, I would be highly disappointed to receive an item quality wise so inadequate to it's price.
The dress is currently sold out but since I first checked their site, the stock list has majorly improved. They now have a huge selection of very unique pieces that are super tempting. However, be warn that their clothing may not last you a couple seasons.
Here's a link to the dress:

They are now having a sale so check out the website:

I particularly like this casual number

Here's a discount code for you which you need to enter at checkout to get a 50% OFF! 
Happy shopping;)