Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zara blouse wishlist

These are the blouses I wanna get from Zara, sales, hurry up! I've always been a huge fan of blouses, especially Zara ones so I cannot wait to get some of those, they are just so pretty and I love the quality of their blouses. 
This one is quite transparent so I'm not very sure about it. It might be tricky to wear but the color is just so pretty plus mint is gonna be a hit for the upcoming season!
(pictures from official Zara page)


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Eve look

Have you all checked my New Years Eve makeup look I did which was inspired by Old Hollywood looks and Veronica Lake in particular? You can watch the tutorial on my channel and here are some pics of the look. I personally always loved and always will love this ultra feminine classic and super glamorous  make up and hair. It makes me feel like one of the actresses from the 60's, I always get a boost of confidence whenever I put on a red lipstick, wing out my eyeliner and put my hair in rollers. What can be more feminine than this?

 Check this out! My cousin got me a couple of Marilyn Monroe illustrated Coca Cola bottles. Love that!


Christmassy Paris

So I found a couple of pictures on my camera from my last trip to Paris which I came back from a week ago. There's no way I'm not gonna post them on my blog! I love Paris around Christmas (not the tourists), the lights, the Christmas Village on Champs Elysées, the cozy atmosphere and all that. Although, I must admit that lights on Champs Elysées this year disappointed me. Why did they have to change them? It was so beautiful when they had all the trees on the street wrapped in golden lights, it was magical. But this year they had those weird rings around the trees...why?? Not pretty! The weather was not fantastic I must say, it was raining a lot but nevertheless, I had a wonderful time with my loved one! Here's a couple of snaps for you!

Breakfast in bed is always the best
 Magic inside Galleries Lafayette! Feels like being in a fairytale.
 Chanel Spring/Summer 2012
 That was one mesmerizing candy shop, I tell you! 
Musee d'Orsay which I unfortunately didn't go to...
 Sculptures next to the museum
 City of lights in all it's beauty
 Christmas village/market
 Some more lights. I loooved those! They were for sale..
Crepes with nutella and bananas is the way to go!
 Parisian carousels, I love them!
 My afternoons waiting for my man. Having teas with candy and Youtubing:)


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you my lovely readers! 
Hope you are having some quality time with your families, eating lots of food, receiving socks and scarves under your Christmas tree and watching Home Alone for the 57979636000th time! :)

Lots of love to you all!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Products I'm currently loving! (Airport ramble)

I now am sitting at the airport having a hot apple and cinnamon (which I already feel sick about) drink with ginger cookies, feeling very Christmassy, I must say. I'm en route to Paris, possibly my 10th time going there, I lost the number already to be honest. So, as I have some spare time in hands, I thought I shall post something on my completely abandoned blog.

Here are a few drugstore products I'm loving at the moment. I've talked about them on my channel if you watch my videos, if not, here you go!
Now, I've never really tried lip stains, the fact that they dry your lips out put me away from them. However, I saw this one by Essence cheap as chips and I thought I'll try it. This is supposedly a limited edition collection and it has lips stains in two colors. I got the #2 in this deep pinked red shade. I have to say that I really like it. Nice applicator, smells good, application is smooth, you just have to be quick to spread it on your lips nicely until it dries. It does dry your lips so make sure to apply vaseline or some sort of a lip balm on top and it will last forever. I think it's a great product to be used under any darker lipstick. When you eat or just in general when your lipstick wears of and you can't be bothered to apply it, you won't need to worry, your lips will still have that deep shade even without a lipstick on:)
Many brands do lip stains in fact, Bourjois, Max Factor, Maybelline, Revlon, make sure to check them!
 Sorry for the rubbish demonstration, I assume the stain was not dry yet when I took this pic (oops!)
 Another product I'd highly recommend, again in terms or price and quality, is this brown eyeliner by Prestige. It's not buttery, rather hard pencil but applies very smoothly, which to me was a paradox. It has an amazing staying power and is a great pencil overall!
 Now onto the star of the bunch, I fell in love with this Loreal True Match powder the minute I applied it. It is sooo good! I much more prefer it to Mac's Mineralized powder. It has some coverage, it mattifies  my skin beautifully and most importantly controls the shine so well! I'm very impressed with it (No wonder all my family ladies use it). Oh, Dita Von Teese also uses this powder, in case you didn't know;) (insert irony here).

 Last but not the least is my Catrice matte eyeshadow in Starlight Expresso. A beautiful taupe color, absolutely love it! Works well on my hooded eyes, the only problem is staying power, it's not great. But you cannot expect the product to be fully wonderful when it costs same as a good cup of coffee. I'm on a hunt of good taupe, light brown, beige taupe eyeshadows at the moment. Since I'm going to Paris, I'll make sure to check Nars and Bobbi Brown counters for those.
That's it for now, have a beautiful weekend, ladies!
Au revoir!


Saturday, December 10, 2011