Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmassy Paris

So I found a couple of pictures on my camera from my last trip to Paris which I came back from a week ago. There's no way I'm not gonna post them on my blog! I love Paris around Christmas (not the tourists), the lights, the Christmas Village on Champs Elysées, the cozy atmosphere and all that. Although, I must admit that lights on Champs Elysées this year disappointed me. Why did they have to change them? It was so beautiful when they had all the trees on the street wrapped in golden lights, it was magical. But this year they had those weird rings around the trees...why?? Not pretty! The weather was not fantastic I must say, it was raining a lot but nevertheless, I had a wonderful time with my loved one! Here's a couple of snaps for you!

Breakfast in bed is always the best
 Magic inside Galleries Lafayette! Feels like being in a fairytale.
 Chanel Spring/Summer 2012
 That was one mesmerizing candy shop, I tell you! 
Musee d'Orsay which I unfortunately didn't go to...
 Sculptures next to the museum
 City of lights in all it's beauty
 Christmas village/market
 Some more lights. I loooved those! They were for sale..
Crepes with nutella and bananas is the way to go!
 Parisian carousels, I love them!
 My afternoons waiting for my man. Having teas with candy and Youtubing:)



  1. What amazing pictures you took! I went to Paris a few years ago, and I miss it SO very much. Paris during Christmas must look lovely...

  2. Your bf is cute and you make a lovely couple.