Saturday, December 10, 2011


I'm on a hunt for good quality matt eyeshadows. I found this one that I really like and wanna get more. What are the brands that you think are great for matte eyeshadows? I was recommended Bobbi Brown and Nars, will definitely check them. What are your favorites, girls?



  1. I'm so in love with matte shadows, they are so natural looking and edgy!

    Catrice makes AWSOME matte e/s, ArtDeco has some too, and Yves Rocher has a matte range too (2 matte shades and a velvety shade in a compact).

    Hope you will find some good stuff!

    (I have the same light skin as yours, so I tought I would tell you that it is really hard to find a matte light shade (beigey, skin-tone shades) that shows up on our skin, but if you put a skin coloured base, such as soft ochre, or painterly from MAC, or even "milk" jumbo eye shadow pencil from NYX, they will look much more intense!)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you for response, Tamara! The one I'm wearing in pics is actually by Catrice and I love it! Definitely sharing on youtube soon! I thought Artdeco will have good mattes, will take a look at them since they are not so pricey:) We don't have Yves Rocher here but I'll be in Paris in a week so a chance to check them!
    Well, I don't think beige is supposed to show, I use Brule from Wet and wild which is almost like the color of my skin, I love it as a base:) I want a soft taupe shade, and a pale cooler brown. Will share if I find something pretty:))
    Enjoy your weekend as well!

  3. Hey Eve! I subscribe to your Youtube videos and absolutely love watching them! Love your style! I was always into shimmery eyeshadows until I discovered how much depth and definition matte/satin shadows can give. I have two recommnedations: Burberry makes a really good matte shadow called Taupe Brown: its a cool deep grey brown, gorgeous and Burberry cosmetics in general are amongst my favorite. I also like matte shades from Chantecaille and Becca. Becca had these trio palettes (Enigma and Lost weekend) which have some matte shades in what they call a "demi-matte" finish: really smooth, pigmented and easy to blend. Check these out if you like!