Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Eve look

Have you all checked my New Years Eve makeup look I did which was inspired by Old Hollywood looks and Veronica Lake in particular? You can watch the tutorial on my channel and here are some pics of the look. I personally always loved and always will love this ultra feminine classic and super glamorous  make up and hair. It makes me feel like one of the actresses from the 60's, I always get a boost of confidence whenever I put on a red lipstick, wing out my eyeliner and put my hair in rollers. What can be more feminine than this?

 Check this out! My cousin got me a couple of Marilyn Monroe illustrated Coca Cola bottles. Love that!



  1. You look gorgeous! Happy (almost) New Year!

  2. @Farah, Thank you! Happy upcoming New Years to you too! :)

  3. oh this is gorgeous:) Pure perfection!!!

  4. @Elsa Espindola, thank you so much, hun! xx