Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Before I completely freeze fashion!

 I just posted a video on my channel of my winter or shall I say, pre-winter lookbook type of thing! Make sure to check it if you lack inspiration and don't know what to wear:) It has literally gotten so cold here, we had the first snow today! Very wet but still snow, which melted immediately. I think I'll do a week or two more with outfits like this and then get myself some shearling uggs and a fur jacket or coat to keep myself warm. Nothing else is gonna work in this ridiculous climate!

What are you, girls wearing? Is it cold already where you live? 



  1. Hello!

    What is that red bag called? Brand, style, color please ;-)

  2. Hi! It's from Parfois, I got it last year so you won't be able to find it, I'm afraid.