Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zara sale shopping guide/ my picks

Hello my lovely readers! I suppose there's a lot of Zara fans among us especially since their collections have been extremely pretty lately! So, the sales have started today and I was first to check my favourite items and their reduced prices. It's only the first round so the reductions are not impressive. The best is to shop when the sales are coming to an end because you get the best deals but then again, you can hardly find any items you've wanted left or at least the right size. That's the dilemma for y'all!

Now, I've been eyeing, trying on and off these items I'm about to share and I really do love them! I'm planning to get at least a few of them so hopefully, this post will be helpful for those of you who can relate to my style or lack inspiration and usually get lost during the overwhelming sales! :) Also, I got asked how do I find such exquisite pieces at Zara and how do I know what to buy. I honestly get whatever attracts my attention. If I see the item and I say "wow", then I need not think further. But if I'm in doubt, I better leave the piece behind. While shopping, I try not to go for items that are very trendy, I mostly shop for classic styles, cuts and just in general pieces that I know I'll be able to wear for a couple of years and will be able to pair with a lot of the clothing items I already own. I mostly go for neutral classic colors because it's just more me, I'm not the biggest fan of colorful stuff. I do wear color but moderately, just like with all the trend pieces. Ok, enough of rambling, here are my picks:

Shorts for all occasions
 Well fitted and tailored blazers. I'm particularly keen of the crisp white blazers lately and also this super chic vest which you can throw on over anything and make even the simplest tee look classier! 
For those of you who love tweed style jackets. They are my favorite because I always associate them with Chanel's class. They are easy to wear modern styles of the classy tweed jackets. 
 Stylish shoes for long walks. How gorgeous are these?!
 Pretty heels for evenings out
 The two top dresses look white but they actually are the prettiest pale yellow shade. These are glamorous and flirty little dresses that won't look tacky.
Knitwear for those chilly evenings. You can pair them with everything from shorts to pencils skirts and simple skinny jeans.
I love Zara blouses! Have quite a few of them and I keep wearing them for years! They are great quality and materials are divine! 
 Perfect t-shirts for those casual days
 Now these are some of the coolest trousers ever. They are just so bad ass! The sheer side? How genius is that! All of them are very minimal and modern but super posh. 
I love these sheer and flowy skirts but they are definitely not everyone's cup of tea and probably will be on trend only for a while but you can enjoy the more relaxed hippy look for days at the beach.
 These are some fun dresses for the days out with your girls
 Who can say no to a pair of chic sandals? Nude is a great color choice because they will elongate your legs instead of making them look shorter which most sandals do!
Big tote bags to fit all your fun summer necessities aka water, sunglasses, book, sunscreen and what not. Again, I love neutral bags because they go with any outfit and also look great during all the seasons. 
 Scarves for me are essential living in a windy city.
And lastly here are some accessories that I think are really pretty!

I did some collages with outfit ideas featuring most of these pieces and I am going to post it tomorrow so you can get a better idea of what to wear with these items. Have you got anything you love from Zara already? Hope you all have a great evening! Until then!



  1. I just love the shoes, especially the comfy black boots ( the first one), they are so my style :) The nude heels look amazing, too! Aw, I just want them all, and the bags, too, haha

  2. Very good guide ,just got the call the biggest summber sale this year started ,gonna to pick some of them

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