Friday, June 8, 2012

Favourite Lipstick

Hey, girls! 
I've started working as a babysitter for a little bit so while my girl is having a nap I have time to blog and answer all of the questions, which is great. Very productive time spending. I might actually blog everyday. Can't promise but at least that's my aim. So, today's post is on my all time favourite lipstick. I've already talked about it loads so, I decided to write a whole post on it. Yes, that's how much I love it.
First off, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and so luxe. It's heavy and feels very solid. I actually prefer it to the usual gold tubes.
The lipstick is Volupté Sheer Candy, which I don't think you can really consider a lipstick. It's a tinted lip balm rather. They don't have a huge selection of shades, I believe there's originally 6 but they added 4 more so there's 10 in total. This is the one I like the most because it's the darkest of all. There are beautiful summery peaches, pinks and reds, all you need basically. 
The scent is so lovely, it smells like melons and peaches! On the lips it looks very glossy and feels very moisturizing. Just like a very hydrating lip balm only with color. The look is almost watery. 
My shade, which is N°05 Mûre Exquise although, it looks very dark and to some people- scary in a bullet, on the lips it provides the most beautiful berry 'I just ate a bowl of cherries' type of color. However, it doesn't last long on the lips, as you would expect from a sheer glossy lipstick/balm, so you have to re-apply it every couple of hours. 

The thing I love about it is that when the lipstick wears off, it leaves that berry stain to your lips, which is super natural and healthy looking. This, indeed is a very natural lipstick, very beautifying and makes your lips look a tad darker and healthier. I've had it since November last year, so for about 7 months now and still didn't use it up. I cannot live without this product and will definitely be purchasing it until YSL keeps making it. Please, Yves Saint Laurent, never ever discontinue these, especially #5! I'll be a very loyal and thankful user. 



  1. It's so beautiful and suits you perfctly! :)

  2. Very lovely and sophisticated. Have you tried ysl touche éclat? thoughts?