Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dinner outfit in cold June

Hey you, guys! Here's just a quick evening dinner outfit post for you.
Don't start wondering right away, what on earth I'm doing wearing furry things in June. I know, it's crazy, the weather cannot make up its own mind. Hot, cold, warm...Drives me nuts when you have to run to the attic and dig through boxes of shoes to find your autumn/winter wear just because June decided to bring not more than 11C. It's getting better, though... 

Onto my outfit now. I love the versatility of this vest, you can wear it both during cold and warmer weathers. It's quite original also, the fact that fur is only on the upper half, which by the way looks almost like natural hair. I mean, as natural as fake fur can get. The color is lovely too, it's still kind of rusty color, a mix of red, orange and brown. I still consider it as a neutral but it definitely brings some interest to the plain palette. 
The shoes go just perfectly with this vest and I love the chunky heel. These are some of my most loved ankle boots ever! 

As for jeans I decided to go for grey instead of black, it just didn't feel right to jump into blacks again. These are amazing! Electra jeans by Mango, super comfortable and stretchy, you can move the way you want in them. They have them in blue also, go get them! Now.

Let's take a look at my clutch, shall we? It's so retro and glam. I imagine a very posh lady wearing it to a ball. It's actually my grandmothers and it's 18 years old, she bought it in 1994. How cool is that. It's leather, imitation of crocodile. It has a gold chain attached to it which I just tucked inside so you can wear it either way.
 This is Chanel Particuliere. The classic mushroom color. Pretty, right?
 The lipstick is Rosewood by Burberry. Matches my vest actually.
Vest: Zara (old)
Blouse: Zara (current)
Jeans: Mango Electra style (current)
Boots: Zara (old)
Bag: Vintage
Necklace: Bershka (current)
Ring: Mango (old)


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  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to let you know that I recently fell in love with all your youtube videos. Especially after I saw your room tour, I was totally sold on your sense of style. I stayed up all night watching your ootd's (such a lameo!) Yeah anyway, I'm so glad you have a blog as well, I'm sure I will be an avid reader.

    Keep on with the vids and posts <3

    - Alma