Friday, February 4, 2011

Essence XXXL Shine glosses

It's my first post and I decided that these Essence glosses need a review as they are pretty good bargains.
I'm out of my second tube so I HAD to repurchase another two glosses. The colour range is not impressive, but they do have a nice selection of lighter shades, as well as darker ones. I have to say that I'm impressed by their pigmentation, they are opaque on the lips, which you can hardly get from the cheaper lip glosses. Although they don't last on your lips all day, you have to reaply them now and then, but considering the price, which is ~2euro, it doesn't hurt your wallet even if you decide to use up all the tube in a day:)
Here are the pictures of the glosses in the natural light. From top down: 07 Big Night Out, 02- It-piece, 05-Super girl.

         Natural light and artificial in the bottom pic.                                                         

Big Night Out
Super Girl


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