Friday, February 11, 2011

Babyliss heated rollers

  So I've been always wanting to achieve this big, sexy, voluminous, wavy hair effect and I finally did! My hair is naturally wavy and very thin, quite damaged with constant use of blow dryer and flat iron. I used to straighten my hair every day, but since this summer I decided to give my hair a break and make them healthier ( got sick of pin straight hair as well). I wear my hair as it is naturally, but it lacks volume, I tried curling them with my flat iron and it looks quite pretty, but still doesn't give me the effect I am going for and doesn't last long. Then I saw many girls on Youtube use hot rollers and decided to give them a go. I came across Babyliss heated rollers and as the price was very reasonable ( ~30 euro), I picked them up.
  So here are my babies, they are sooo easy to use, from my previous experience with basic plastic rollers, I thought I'll mess up again and end up with a funky hair style. However I was completely wrong. Basically you press the red button on and wait 30mins. till the rollers heat up. One roller has this red dot and when it becomes white, you know they are ready to use. You section your hair into 3 sections: front and two sides. Each section should contain about 3 pieces of hair that you need to roll up. The set contains 20 rollers (6 small, 6 medium, 8 big) and 20 clips for each of them. So you just roll your hair towards your head, starting with the ends (wrap them around the roller first) and secure the section with a clip. When you have all of your rollers in, wait 15mins. and take them out slowly and carefully so that you won't mess up the curl. Spray each section with a hairspray and you can repeat that again when you have taken all the rollers out just to make sure your curls stay in place and look shiny. If you want a messier look, just play with a teasing comb or brush with a paddle brush for soft wave effect. I'm so in love with my rollers now, it's quick, easy and gives you polished, sexy ala Victoria's secret hair look. I just put my rollers in  while I do my make up and my hair does itself:). The only downside of Babyliss rollers is that the clips are very poor quality, I still cannot understand what they were thinking for adding these clips to the set. They are so thin and hardly hold your rollers. As I don't use all of the 20 rollers at a time, I use 2 clips on each roller so that my hair stays in place. Ladies, I highly recommend getting heated rollers, they are not damaging your hair like your ususal heated devices that, your hair looks voluminous and sexy! That's what we want our hair to look like,no?;)

It looks funny, but don't worry, the result is worth it:)



  1. I've been wanting some rollers, you are so pretty i love the way your hair turned out ^_^

  2. I definitely encourage you to get them! They are not expensive at all, Babyliss rollers are particularly good and easy to work with. Plus less damage to your hair.
    Thank you!