Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best top coat alert!

This is, hands down, the best top coat I've tried so far. It dries withing seconds (hence the name) leaving your nails super shiny. I literally saw my reflect while looking at my nails, no joke:) I got it in a store where they sell supplies for hair and beauty salons, but you can get it at
Looove it! I've always had problems drying my nails. It just takes so long to dry them without messing up but now after I'm done with my polish, I just slap this on and my nails are dry within the blink of an eye.



  1. Unique name. I like it. Your review on top coat is amazing. I was looking for some good top coat myself. Looks like I found it

  2. Very good top coat I will defintly gove this 8 out of ten. Its economical as well briilaiant when comes to applying top coat!