Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nails of the moment

I guess most of you are wondering whether Chanel Paradoxal is worth the hype like all the other seasonal colors aka Jade,Nouvelle Vague,Particuliere,Khaki Vert (Black Pear for the moment). Paradoxal was one of those colours that I thought is really worth all that hype, judging from the pictures I've seen. A dirty taupy mauve color with lots of deep purple and pink reflects that show up when natural light hits it. What can be prettier than that, I thought. When I got it, I was extremely excited and almost wanted to try it out in my car:) Once I applied it on my nails, I was slightly disappointed. It looks soo beautiful in the bottle, almost like a dream, but once you put it on, it doesn't look anything like that. On the nails it's a deep aubergine color and if you are lucky enough to catch a good light, you will notice those tiny purple particles shinning through. In fact, those pretty particles is what i'm  missing in this polish the most. It looks like a plain dark color, too dark for my taste. Consistency is not bad, application is ok, not as good as of Essie nail polishes, though. And it chips like crazy, that's what annoys me the most. When you pay that much for a nail polish, you expect it to last...well at least 5 days, a week? Now what I get is 2 days max till I notice chipping. So my final verdict. Is it worth the hype? No. Product ranking: 2.5/5


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