Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chanelesque Thursday...

  Today I had some time for wandering through some stores so I went to have a look at Chanel Rouge Coco Shines and finally got the shade that I wanted #57 Aventure (Adventure the English way). I felt like I was given the candy that I've been thinking of for so long:) It's a blue based pink color with gold micro shimmer. I'm very pleased with it, the package feels very solid and posh, the texture of it is sheer, super moisturizing, glossy and easy to wear. It does not last long on the lips but what do you expect from a sheer balm-like lipstick.
  The other thing I got today is a new handbag. Yay! I feel like I'm slowly (or rather quickly) becoming a lipstick and handbag addict. Oh well, these are the things make me happy (along with countless other stuff). As I was walking by, I saw this handbag in the shop's window and instantly thought 'I need to get it'! I tried it, loved it and told to the sales assistant that I'm getting it simply because it looks so Chanelesque.  The woman said it's the decoration of our window, the most beautiful bag here...She agreed with me that it looks very Chanel-like. The chain handle, tweed and the crossing pattern. She was drooling over the bag just as much as I was. I'm so happy to have found something that's so me! At first I asked if they have more colors as it's so light, I thought it would be unpractical. But hey, it's almost summer, I need some change and I'm all about prettiness rather than the practical side anyways. It's quite roomy also, fits all my essential things perfectly, just what I needed:) Can you tell I am happy? Haha.

The bag!!!

Have a great end of the week, ladies!! : )


  1. Where did you buy this bag?!

  2. If you are from Klaipeda, Lithuania, in Heros store that's on the opposite side of Mega Plaza:)

  3. haha not at all, but thanks! ;)