Thursday, April 7, 2011

Detox day 4

So today was my last day of my fruit detox.
 -toast with homemade strawberry jam
- half an orange
- mint + chamomile tea with lemon

- banana
- 1/3 of melon
- 40gr. of almonds for proteins

Water + daily vitamins, 1h.Callanetics workout.

I was feeling good the whole day, but I was beginning to crave normal food, I got tired of eating only fruit and wanted to get back to my normal regime. Actually it was my mum that convinced me to stop it. She said you don't have any health problems to do it for a long term, you are healthy and 3 day detox is really enough for your body. You might not realize, but your body lacks other nutrients, it's not enough what you get from fruits so you might become very weak if you continue it for a week. I said ok, you must be right. So I had my first normal meal in the afternoon and treated myself with fruit tea and some chocolate afterwards as an award for being so resistant for 3.5 days.

To conclude everything, I have to say that it wasn't that hard for me to eat only fruits. The first day was a little tough because it was quite a shock for a body, but the rest of the time I was feeling good, very light. I think I've even lost few kilos, but they will be back as I am back to my normal diet. However, it's not a big deal for me as I just wanted to detox my body. Another thing I've noticed is that my skin became slightly clearer and I  haven't broken out since. I'm not sure if it's fruits and lots of water or the vitamins that I've been taking for healthier skin, nails and hair. So that is it. If you wanna try fruit detox, do it, but know your limits, don't continue for too long. :)


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