Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fruit detox. Day 3

I'm almost halfway with my detox. Here's today's "food":

-toast with jam
- banana
- chamomile tea

- 1 banana
- half the bowl of white grapes
- half mango
- mint and chamomile tea with lemon

- 1 banana
- the rest of the mango
- few grapes

Water + daily vitamins. And today I had a 45min Callanetics class. I have been feeling good the whole day, I feel kinda light, don't feel hunger even if it's the 3rd day already. The only downside is that I feel very sleepy. During the lectures at uni, while at home. I fall asleep reading or if I'm simply resting. I guess it's because I don't get energy from fruits and I workout everyday. I loose my energy thus I'm sleepy. Anyway, 4 days remaining and I'll be done with my detox. :) Hope you are having a nice week, everyone!


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