Monday, April 4, 2011

Fruit detox

Hello my fellow readers! So, spring is here thus I wanna start eating healthier and begin to workout. But first of all, I decided that I should clean up my body by doing fruit detoxification for a week. I've read so many good things about fruit detox that I was really tempted to try it and see how I feel. These are some great advantages of fruit diet:

  • It helps to restore the acid-alkaline balance of the body, eliminates toxins and provides nutrition and energy in the process. 

  • It is very effective in getting rid of allergies as well. 

  • People on such a plan have reported improved vision. 

  • The benefits of fruit detoxification translate to healthier skin, hair and nails

  • Besides reporting increased resistance to cold and hot water, people using fruit to detoxify have reported faster reflexes, increased stamina, endurance and energy levels, enhanced auditory and olfactory abilities, fresh breath and no body odour. 

  • At the mental level, detox using fruits has resulted in higher concentration levels, keener learning abilities, sharp memory and mental stamina and stability. 

  • Plans of detox using fruits, besides the elimination of toxins and ensuring greater physical health, also help in decreasing stress and reaching calmer states of mind. 

  • Fruits, being solid food and high in natural sugars, will keep one satisfied and hunger can be easily averted. 

  • There is a large variety of fruits to consume, and one need not get bored or restricted during detox. 

  • Citrus fruits have the highest detoxifying effects (especially lemons) and should be ingested a lot during fruit detox. Also, detoxification takes place the most during sleep, though the body is engaged in the process during the day as well. 

  • Post detox, the body is lighter from waste elimination and has access to higher energy levels. Toxic build up in muscles and joints comes to a stop. Also, the high fruitdiet during detox allows the body to stabilize blood sugar, creating a spike in energy and vitality. (

    I know this diet has some side effect as any other diets do so you shouldn't eat only fruit for too long. I think one week is quite a long time period and I don't want to completely eliminate the essential minerals that my body needs so I might have some fresh veggies, few nuts and maybe a raw cooked egg to keep my protein level up. That will not be a complete fruit detox, but as it's my first time doing so, I don't wanna  be too rough with my body. Ohhh...and if you are doing this, don't forget to drink water! It is extremely important along with taking daily vitamins (multivitamins,vitamic c, calcium,magnum, vitamin b and such).

    I'll keep you posted if you are interested in fruit detox. Will do little posts by the end of every day telling you what I had consumed during the day and if I feel any different.



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