Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fruit detox. Day 2

Hi guys! So here is the list of what I ate today:

-toast with jam and a glass of water

-2 bananas

- 1 banana
- 1 orange
- Mint and Chamomile tea

- a bowl full of white grapes
- Mint and Chamomile natural tea again

Lots of water + daily vitamins.I also had a 45min Callanetics class today. Now onto the way I feel. To be honest, this morning was horrible for me. Most of the fruits that I had yesterday were acidy and my stomach didn't like that. I woke up really pale (even my lips turned skin color), I wanted to trow up and felt all this acid accumulated in my stomach coming up my throat. I felt very weak also, could hardly squeeze the tube of a lipgloss. So I took 2 charcol/carbon pills to calm down my stomach and fasten my metabolism. After a while it all passed and I was feeling great. I kept on eating only fruit and I don't feel as if I am starving at all. Fruits contain a good amount of sugar so I don't feel hungry.


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