Monday, April 4, 2011

Prestige my longest lashes mascara

If you are one of those girls that have thick, full lashes that lack length, this is a mascara for you! Hearing good things about this mascara from Ruth ( and Tanya (pixi2woo on youtube) convinced me to buy it, not to mention the cheap price. My lashes are normal, I mean they are not thick, nor they are long so a good mascara is always essential for me. I love my Loreal Voluminous to the bottom of my heart and am still using it almost daily. However, now I'm rotating it with my new Prestige mascara. When I want more intense look, thick, black and longer lashes, I'll go for Loreal, but Prestige mascara is perfect for everyday. It looks very natural on your lashes. I find that the wand is very similar to Loreal Telescopic mascara, it is made out of rubber, bristles are very short and the wand itself is very thin. All I have to say is that I love this mascara! It is not very liquidy which means that you won't have problems with clumpy lashes. But because of that I find that it might dry out pretty fast (we'll see). The application takes longer than other mascaras would, at least I feel so. You have to layer coats of mascara on your lashes over and over again, but they do not stick together or become spidery looking. Just be patient and you'll be wowed by the end results! It is seriously lengthening! Hence the name. Do not expect volume from it, you will be left with natural looking mile long lashes. I highly recommend this mascara and the price of it is around 7 euros.


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