Monday, April 11, 2011

Vitamins + eye cream and my thoughts

A while ago. I bought a pack of daily vitamins Viaderma for healthier hair, beautiful skin and stronger nails which you are supposed to take twice a day. I'm kinda skeptical towards such things, I don't think they really work and it's more of a one's personal belief that they do work. But they were having a discount in a drugstore for these vitamins and when I saw this gorgeous lilac box paired with a reasonable price, I just couldn't resist. (Ieva, tell that it's not the packaging which attracted your attention and have a good laugh at yourself). So I've been taking these vitamins daily for about 8 days now. Of course it's too early to judge and tell it they really work. I didn't see any difference in my nails or hair, but my skin got better. I almost didn't get any new pimples these past few weeks, but I'm not completely sure if it's the vitamins or my skincare. I'll do an update once I finish them all and tell you whether my skin has improved even more or not. I have post-acne blemishes and some redness here and there so I'm looking for products that would help me completely clear out my skin.

  Another product I got is Lierac Diopti Calm anti- fatigue eye cream. I'm a student, do you need further explanation? Haha. To be honest, this is again the time to blame A model recommends for me purchasing this product. Ruth claimed to truly love this eye cream and the description perfectly suited my needs so I gave it a try.
  Ridiculously enough I've noticed that I already have fine lines under my eyes. I'm 19 if you are wondering. You may ask how is that possible? I say, you tell me! Whenever I put concealer under my eyes, it has a tendency to run into those fine lines and looks really unattractive. I believe it happens because I don't moisturize my eye area enough, I spend a lot of time in front of computer so my under eyes get really dry and thus lines said hello to me! I moisturize my face very well but eyes are left out. Other concerns of mine are dark under eye circles and puffiness which appear when I stay up late and don't get enough of sleep. You can hide the darkness with concealer, but I hate waking up with puffy eyes. Drives me crazy!

  Diopti Calm eye balm by French skincare line Lierac is supposed to instantly soothe your under eye area, cool it and provide an instant brightening, up lifting effect that makes your eyes appear well rested and more awake. You can also use it as a mask by applying a thicker layer of balm under your eyes, gently massaging and patting it with your fingertips, then leaving it on for 5 mins. and wiping it of with a cotton ball afterwards. The product itself contains a lot of natural ingredients, which is a big plus for me. They are: cornflower, mallow, linden, oat and witch hazel.

I've been using the balm for a week now every night and morning. It became a routine for me already, sometimes along with the Garnier eye roller thingy. It's quite short period of time to be able to tell more about the product, but from what I've experienced so far I can say that it definitely soothes and smoothes my eyes. I feel that they are given the so needed moisture and are more awake, but the balm does nothing for the dark circles nor does it for smoothing the fine lines under the eyes. I would say it's like a good eye refreshment in the morning but it is quite pricey so I would rather spend my money on Garnier eye roller than this balm. I will continue my search for the perfect eye balm/gel which would really live it up to my criteria. This one didn't, even though one would expect Lierac to do a great job. Is there such a miracle eye cream that would brighten, freshen, depuff, awaken, smooth and soothe my eyes? I guess I'm expecting too much from an eye cream but I really hope to find one which would do all of these : ) That's it for now! Have a great week, girls! I know, Monday always sucks, but there is always Tuesday that follows...


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