Friday, April 1, 2011

Ieva's dish

This will be a very random post, not beauty or fashion related, but you can excuse that, cannot you?:) So, I don't normally cook (living with parents makes it easier), but I do love the process of preparing food. If I ever cook, I do it with a lot of attention and put lots of love to whatever it is that I am preparing. I like light food that doesn't make you feel heavy after having your dinner. And I am not a huge fan of meat, I barely ever eat it. I see a big possibility of me turning vegetarian in the future. I do like chicken, but can live without it as well. So today I was goin for something fresh, green and with lots of veggies. I did not know what I was gonna do, it was rather random recipe that popped into my head. I felt very proud of myself for eating such a healthy dish, full of nutrients. If you wanna try it out, just keep on reading:)

What you will need for this dish/meal, whatever you call it is:
- Fresh vegetables of any kind, something that you like
- Fresh spinach leaves
- Olive oil
- Salt
- Fibre bread crisps
- Canned tuna fish
- Pesto sauce in a jar

Cooking process:
-Cut your veggies in tiny pieces
- Pour some olive oil on a grill or a pan, heat it and put all your veggies in, sprinkle some salt on top (not too much, cause salt is white
- Grill everything till you feel it's enough ( you want to keep your veggies juicy and fresh looking, not dried or and burnt-out)
- Put everything into a bowl, add fresh spinach leaves and put tuna on top. Mix everything.
- Spread the pesto sauce over your bread crisps
- Take a glass of water and enjoy your healthy meal!



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