Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday treats

   So here are my new babies I got yesterday. Sadly my Nars Sheer Glow foundation is over but I've been keeping my eyes on the YSL Teint Resist for a while. Heard loads of great reviews about it and girls tend to put it in the same category as Sheer Glow. Well I finally went and got it. Surprisingly enough it is cheaper than Nars, considering the fact that YSL is an absolute luxury brand...but I guess Nars is luxury in make up. Well that's not the reason I got it. I needed a good quality foundation that would not cake on my skin, thus provide a medium coverage, but look natural, control my super oily T-zone area, provide satin finish and be a perfect match to my skin tone. Voila! Teint Resist fulfilled my needs. I've had hard time finding foundation that would match my super pale complexion. Even Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc was too dark for me. (I used it anyways, what else would you do after spending 40 euro on a foundation) Well the color difference between my face and neck wasn't dramatic, but noticeable if my hair was up. YSL Teint Resist in #1 matches my skin color just perfectly and I'm so glad about that.

  Today was my first day of wearing it, so here you go: texture of the foundation is very light, kinda watery, it is definitely more runny than the Sheer Glow, it applies like a dream. It is super easy to work with, blends into your skin beautifuly without leaving any streaks. I had to use about 3 pumps for the whole face, which is quite much, but it's only because I wanted a little bit more coverage as my skin is not at it's best condition for the moment. It even outs the color of your skin and looks incredibly natural, almost if you didn't have anything on your face, basically like your own skin but better. The foundation sets very quickly leaving a satin finish, if your skin is normal, don't even bother with powder. As mine is oily/combination, I had to apply some setting powder. It's is an oil-free foundation and contains spf 10, which is always a plus and it's supposed to last on your skin for up to 14 hours, which I highly doubt, but we shall see.

   Packaging, do I even need to talk about it? Boy, does it feel sleek and luxurious! Oh, and I forgot to mention that it comes with a pump...and yes, it is an important thing to mention, because for some, God knows what reason, some brands decide that it is not necessary to include a pump. Then you are trying to shake the foundation out of the bottle, making not only your hands, but also your vanity table all covered up in foundation squirts. How annoying is that?!

   Anyway, Teint Resist is my new favorite foundation and lets hope I won't change my mind. The minus is that it IS pricey, but you get what you pay for.
And here is the other little treat to my never satisfiable little heart. YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in #24 Blond Ingenu. Let's just say that it is the fault of beautiful Diana from Adventures of Barbarella, who wore this lipstick in her face of the day post. Seeing how the lipstick looked on her, I convinced myself that I need it! It is pretty peachy pink creamy lipstick. Very rich and moisturizing, however it doesn't last long on the lips. It is beautiful, though. Sleek, shiny handbag candy. I prefer to just dab a little bit on my lips for a more natural finish, rather than layering it on my lips straight from the tube.

 Just when I got home, I realised how similar it is to the Catrice Marie Antoinette lipstick! YSL is a tiny bit more pinkish, but Catrice is still a good dupe.


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