Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gosh lipsticks

   Lipsticks again...I know. But then again, my blog title tells you that I'm a bit of a lipstick lover : )
So I've been keen on trying Gosh Velvet Touch lipsticks as their packaging look very classy and luxe for a drugstore. I've heard many girls rave about Gosh Darling lipstick which is a nude shade, but once I saw it, I though: "God, I'm not putting this concealer anywhere near my lips!" Then I went through their selection of shades, which is quite minimal and my eye was caught by this beautiful deep red shade, called  'Hot'n Sweet'. It is gorgeous, I must say! The pigmentation is amazing, it is a very high quality creamy lipstick, glides on smoothly, doesn't run into the lines of your lips, it doesn't dry them either and it stays put. It's kinda matte, but not completely, has a little sheen to it. Basically it has everything you would expect from a perfect lipstick. I find that it goes with my pale skin tone very well, I prefer this deeper red shade on me rather than the classic red. This lipstick proved it to me, that deeper shades work better with my pale complexion. The packaging as I've mention already is very sleek and classy. It's just a black case, which kinda reminds me of Nars rubbery packaging, but it's not exactly the same, Gosh products don't attract dirt so they stay clean and more hygienic looking.
As I was very fortunate with my first Gosh lipstick, I wanted to try their Soft'n Shine slim lipsticks (not to mention they were having special offer). Colors looked very pretty, but I chose kind of an everyday coraly pink color with gold shimmery particles. They are considered as 'lip balm', which basically means that they are very sheer glossy lipsticks that you can apply whenever you feel like your lips need some color and moisture, without worrying about precise application. I love these kind of lipsticks and I believe that Chanel Rouge Coco Shines are this kind of thing (haven't got any yet). The color I got is called 'Sweetheart' and I love it! You don't need any lipgloss on top (not that I'm a big fan of lipgloss over a lipstick), it makes your lips very juicy and shiny. Don't expect it to stay long on your lips, because it's a sheer lipstick that doesn't have a long staying power, but it is super pretty! I definitely recommend Gosh lipsticks: )

Me wearing 'Sweetheart', sorry, this photo doesn't do any justice to how pretty the lipstick is.
Gosh Velvet Touch lipstick in 'Hot'n Sweet'


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