Friday, March 4, 2011


   So today I had a little chat with my mum about a skincare.I revealed the secret that I was stealing her Maria Galland Hydra Nutritive moisturizer for my night time face routines. It's very rich and super moisturizing cream so I'm using it because it's still a winter time and my skin feels very dry. Imbalanced I would say, because my t-zone is still oily, but around the nose I have dry patches, which I believe occurred due to the the freezing weather outside.

Anyway, we touched the topic on the eye area. My mum has super sensitive eye area as the skin around her eyes becomes red very easily if she uses a make up remover or an eye cream that is not suitable for her sensitive eyes. So I suggested her using the famous Bioderma Sensibio H2O eye and face make up remover.I really love this product! It removes make up very easily and you can be sure that your eyes won't be irritated. Today I was doing a little skincare shopping and saw that they are having this great offer at a drugstore. They are selling a package of Bioderma cleanser along with their Crealine Yeux eye contour cream for the price of the cleanser alone. How great is that! As I'm almost over with my cleanser, for sure I will be buying this package and since I am in need of an eye cream that would moisturize my eye area and reduce morning puffiness, this will be perfect. As soon as me and my mum get those, I'll do a review on the eye cream from hers and mine perspectives.

But for now, let's move on to what I've actually bought today. I have an acne prone skin and I guess I've already tried every brand there is that said something like: "this product will help to clear out your skin, deep cleanse your pores, reduce acne scars and leave your skin silky smooth, mat and radiant from within". I've tried so many things, from exfoliators, cleansers, toners, thermal sprays to creams, lotions and so on... Let's see...Garnier-ckecked, Loreal- checked, Neutrogena- ckecked, Clean and Clear, Avon, Sebamed, Bioderma, Nivea, Clinique, The Body Shop. I cannot say these products that I've tried didn't work, but I also cannot say that I've noticed a significant difference in my skin after using them.
   From now on I've told to myself that I won't care how much money I spend on my skincare. Because if your skin is healthy, you look healthy and radiant, make up looks different as well. Skin is so important! I've really been reading a lot about skincare and organic products these past few months. A Model Recommends has become my homepage (well not really,almost). Ruth is an amazing girl (model,obviously) who does wonderful reviews on skincare (mostly organic products), make up and what not. She really got me into that and I must say from now on I look at my skin from a different perspective and try to give more attention to it. There are loads of brands that I am keen to try, tons of products that are on my beauty wishlist. And they are from such brands as Caudalie, Lierac, Decleor, La Roche posay, Estee Lauder, Lavera and so on. Once I get to Paris this month, I'll make sure to get some products.

So, today at a drugstore they were having 25% off for Avene skincare. It's a well-known french brand, famous for their thermal water spray (which I nearly got today). They are focused on sensitive skin, however they are also making products for acne prone skin. I wanted to get so many things, but I got only one and left the rest for my future purchases. I got their Diacnéal treatment care for acne prone skin. It claims to smooth out the skin's surface. We'll see if it works... Another thing I got is Nature's toner for oily/combination skin with water mint and raspberry water. I've never heard about this brand before, but I like the concept, their products look organic and chemical-free. Plus I got really interested by the claim of what the product is supposed to do, so here you go:

"It has a great moisturizing power, restoring the natural pH of the skin and re-establishing its optimum balance (that's what I need). With the presence of Raspberry Water, Water Mint and Black Poplar extracts it reduces porosity giving the skin an even finish and satin look. It purifies very delicately the more sensitive areas of the face, leaving the skin evenly shine-free and glowing. It doesn't contain alcohol."

Doesn't it sound promising? It does to me. You can find out more about the brand here

And the last item I got, which is not skincare related, is Loreal Studio Secrets primer. Since I really needed a primer and I saw that they finally brought this primer here to our country, I decided to give it a try. It's kinda ironic to see it as a new product, since it's been on the market for about two years if not more. Well, it will be new for me, but I must say that I got shocked when I saw the size of the pot. It's ridiculous! Even your typical eye cream contains more product. I'll try everything out tomorrow and if I like some of those products, I'll do an in-depth review on them:)

Enjoy your weekend girls! My spring break starts today...what a relief!


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  1. I adore Avene-
    The Diacneal is wonderful!