Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ins and Outs


  • Sunshine and warmer weather! :)
  • Blueberry,vanilla and rose mix herbal tea
  • Babyliss hot rollers. Love them!
  • Superdrug The Little Red Tin strawberry lip balm
  • My pearl studs
  • Maria Galland Hydra Nutrive cream (mum's, but my skin feels a little dehydrated so I'm stealing it from her). It's helped a lot to bring back the moisture to my skin.
  • Garnier eye roll-on stick

  • The remaining ice which makes it hard to walk in heels
  • High Ryanair air fares
  • Still dry and winter violated hands
  • A bunch of essays to be written for uni
  • Mac MSF, which doesn't seem to do it's job on my T-zone
  • Chanel nail polish

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