Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nail polish talk

  So I was going through my nail polish collection, getting rid of the colors that I don't use or simply polishes that are horrible quality (In fact, I have lots of those). Before I never really cared about quality, if I like the color, I'd buy it. But that's a total waste of money. I finally found a brand that I can trust and as you all might have noticed it's Essie. They are slightly more expensive than your regular nail polish, but you won't be disappointed by the quality of them. from now on, I'll stick with Essie and won't waste my money on cheap rubbish drugstore nail polishes. The only sad thing is that in my city Essie is sold only in one place and they never have limited collections. Like the winter, spring colors and so on..The new French Affair collection is sooo pretty, sadly I can get colors only from the permanent collection. As it's spring already, I decided to get some brighter colors and stay away from my deep reds, burgundys, purples and such...I got a beautiful strawberry pink, called Strawberry sorbet, which for some weird reason is called Strawberry shortcake on their website and is marked unavailable...anyway, it's a beautiful summery pink. The other one I got is kind of a goldy metallic nude color, called Buy me a cameo. It's described as a frosted satin mocha color and because it's frosted, it is very hard to apply. It looks very streaky on the nails and is so hard to work witch, I do not recommend getting it. The color is very pretty indeed, but application is's not opaque with one coat, u have to apply it 2-3 times and it still looks too streaky for my liking.


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