Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clarins Lip Perfectors

Can a girl have enough of lip products ever? Nooo! I hear myself answering...So last weekend coming home from Paris I popped into duty free (that's completely excusable) and I saw this Travel set offer where you get 2 Clarins Lip Perfectors for the price of one. 20 euro for two glosses is quite a good deal and since I've been wanting to get them for a while, I was really happy to see this set. Nic from Pixiwoo sisters raved about these a while ago...she said she loves these and has even repurchased. Well, if Pixiwoo sisters recommend something, you know it's a good product, don't you:)
 Now moving on to my personal opinion. I have to say that I really really like them! The coral one...umm not so much, just for the shade, I'm more of a pink girl. Maybe it will work out on me if I ever get we shall see. But the pink one is a great lipgloss! Just to warn you, it has a very sweet smell and tastes almost like sugar, so those of you who hate scented products, try it out first before buying. These glosses come only in three shades: pink, coral and nude. I love the fact that they are not sticky at all (hate sticky glosses!). They leave your lips very moisturizer, plump and super glossy..there is no glitter particles so your lips are not sparkly or shiny, just very glossy and juicy looking. Looove my pink tube! And I think it's very similar to Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de gloss in Imaginaire. Clarins is half the price and gives pretty same effect. But then again Chanel is Chanel, right:)


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