Thursday, March 24, 2011


Have any of you heard about Travalo before? I'm sure that most of beauty bloggers and gurus have, it's quite a popular thing in US as I've noticed. But here, in Europe it's not that famous yet. Basically it is a tiny refillable perfume bottle that you can carry around in your bag. It is perfect for those of you who travel a lot, including myself. It's a little metal bottle in a size of a lipstick, or a tampon if you prefer this comparison. At first I was a little skeptical about it, thinking that it will look very cheap and be poor quality, however I was wrong. As it's not plastic, it feels quite solid and is actually very good quality, the pump or spray, whatever you call it, works very well. I feel that it spreads perfume as a very fine mist, rather than squirting chunky drops of your favorite scent all over the place. So what you do is take your usual perfume bottle, remove the nozzle, the little metal head and place the bottom of Travalo on top of the bottle, then just pump and you will see the amount of perfume that you pumped in through the packaging. It contains up to 50 spritz and comes in different colors, such as black, gold, silver red, pink. As it's travel friendly, they are selling Travalos on airplanes for 10 euro (that's where I got mine from), but you can get them on their website or ebay as well. I really recommend this perfume atomizer as you don't need to carry your perfume bottle with you, just take this little guy in your bag and you are safe!


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