Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nails of the moment

So I'm wearing my Chanel Black Pearl nail polish. Just kidding, but I think I have a pretty good dupe. It's a super cheap nail polish that I bought even before Black Pearl was released. I remember thinking that it's such an unusual color, something I've never seen before. The blue shimmery reflects in the polish looked so beautiful that I dropped it into my bag without any further doubt. After my first use I thought..ugh, it's kinda weird...blueish green nails, not my comfort zone so I just left it in the box deep under my other polishes and didn't reach for it since then. And then, bang! Chanel Black Pearl, the "it polish". As I've started seeing this color more and more, I slowly fell in love with it and found myself thinking today...I need Black Pearl. But then I managed to convince myself that it's just a trend color, Chanel nail polish quality is not my favorite so why spend money on it. Then my Nail System 348 nail polish was brought to life again and after applying in on my nails, I thought: Boy, does it look just like Black Pearl! I'm sure I can even fool people saying it's Chanel and nobody will even argue about that (I'm not that kind of person, though). Here are the pictures for your judgement:)

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