Sunday, March 25, 2012

A whole lot of pictures from Paris and more...

So, I know I've neglected my blog for quite a while. I know. Feeling guilty since the number of readers only grows:) Hello to all the fabulous people! I am posting a bunch of pictures from my recent (or not) trip to Paris. It's been exactly 2 weeks since I'm back so it's the perfect time to share the pictures with ya'll! 
Here's me and L'Officiel in my private bus or at least it felt private having a 200km trip alone
Paris. Breakfast: tea with milk, bread with Bon Maman jam, banana, French Elle, fresh flowers, phone. What else do you need for a perfect morning?
My wanderings around the city begin. Opera district, stunning architecture.
Inside Galeries Lafayette. New Guerlain fragrance- Le Petite Robe Noir presentation
Boy's gift from NY. Sexy little things...
Sunset. It was really beautiful there, could just stand and stare
 Modern art museum. Not very charming, huh?

Vous n'auriez pas vu Coco?
Coco dans l'Trocadero
Co dans l'Tro
Co dans l'Tro

Coco dans l'Trocadero
 Charming place to sit at
 Musée de la Mode
 H&M on Champs Elysées. Ignoring Marni craze and trying on the usual stuff
Lafayette Organic. Trying to be "healthy"
 Annick Goutal stands are so dreamy. Aren't they?
These are from my favorite bookstore, it's near Opera. It's called Librairie Americaine- Papeterie. There you can find a ton of lovely souvenirs, pictures, nicest notebooks, tissues with high heels on, Ladurée souvenirs, books about Hepburn, Gabrielle Chanel and many more fashion oriented stuff. I really love just wandering inside there. It's a dreamy and girly place, you can even find a Ladurée book on how to make your own macaroons. If you're in Paris, definitely check it out:)
How do you make that. So leaves me speechless...
Sillies after a movie:)
 Very bad picture but thought I'll post it anyway:)
 My darling with the scarf I knitted, so cute:) On our way to Honfleur for the weekend.
We had some serious musical box obsession
Honfleur. An incredibly cozy and sweet little town with many cafés, art shops/galleries, souvenir boutiques, boulangeries and pattiseries, chocolate shops. Such a perfect spot for a weekend with your loved one. 
 Vehicles rocking the mint trend
 Ciders, wines and apple juice and what not. Very sweet and retro like
We loved this but you don't wanna know the price of this croc. There was also this charming chest of drawers with high heels on. So adorable!
What a cool idea for chocolates...
 Local food market
Macaroons. Not comparable to Ladurée but still:)
My breakfast
This has to be the best place for nougat and chocolate in general. My sweet tooth self felt as if in heaven!
Pistachio and cherry nougat stole our hearts
 Beauty junkies will recognize the name from Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. Haha
 The houses in that town were amazing. Mind-blowing architectures!
 Cute Boulangerie on a way
 My last sunny afternoon in Paris
Now that's a candy big enough for me!

C'est fini!



  1. i would really like to visit paris atleast once is my life , looks like such an amazing city!
    Please checkout my blog? xx

    1. Yeah, it really is! You will, I'm sure;) xx

  2. Now I just need all the money in the world and shop in Paris!

    1. Yeah! Let's rob a bank and go shopping to Paris, shall we?! :) xx

  3. beautiful pictures :) I envy you :D
    kisses xoxo

  4. Lovely pics ;)
    I'm ur new follower and hoper follow back
    Gabi x

  5. Aww thanks for sharing your trip with us! Oh man those macaroons look so yummy! Glad you had fun. The mall(?) looked soooo beautiful!

    1. I'm very glad to! Looked yummy but weren't as wonderful:) Yeah, I did, such a retreat! xx

  6. Thank you for taking the time to share your visit, over the months your blogging voice and style has improved. You are doing so well. The pictures around the music boxes surprised me the most. I have never seen anything like it, relating to the selection and display. Your fan, Kimmy at the Mesquite Creek Cottage in Wichita Falls, TX