Friday, March 16, 2012


These are the pictures from Chanel website. I just spotted these. Karl came up with the new movie and campaigns presenting the bag featuring Alice Dellal. Hate both the film and ads but the bags. Oh, Boy! 
Aren't these just the most mesmerizing pieces of art?
I want them all in all these stunning colors and finishes! I'm just drooling over them, nothing else to say.  Think coral maxi skirt, plain white tee, Chanel strap sandals, big black sunglasses and one of these eye candies. 
Dude, I wish a Chanel fairy could just drop by and land me a few of these!
And seriously, what Karl was thinking using Dellal for his campaign? She's just not the right person. It's Chanel...not some trashy street fashion. Knowing her personal style and image you on earth can she and Chanel come close?
Well, I guess you can never know what's on Karl's mind. Let's just adore the bags for a moment.



  1. Wow! These are more than gorgeous, stylish but still classy. Soooo bad that they are so expensive :( best bags ever

  2. wow i just literally feel in love, im speechless!