Monday, March 19, 2012

My purchases from Paris

I indulged myself with some Burberry. 

-Burberry!? What did you get?
-Yeah. You'd need to sell your soul to get Burberry shoes
-Haha! True.
So I got the Rosewood #9 eyeshadow which I've been lusting over for some time. Basically after I saw Rachel's (makeupneversleeps) video. She said it's a much better version of Satin Taupe. The swatches sold me. When I popped to their counter at Galeries Lafayette, I made sure to first check Rosewood, then Pale Barley. Both stunning shades! The later is on the wishlist. So, the lady at the counter (very lovely person) applied the eyeshadow on me and I put on Tulip Pink lipstick. I gotta say, the result looked like I just stepped out of Burberry ad. The makeup products are stunning! Textures, finishes, the overall luxe feel of them. I'm a huge fan of Burberry makeup from now on.
Definitely recommend checking it out. Class level products.
Some lipsticks to satisfy my lipstick-lover self. None of these we have where I live so that's quite a catch! Looooove them all to bits!
The new Loreal Caresse line is stunning! Shades, pigmentation, texture and the feel on the lips. Top quality, highly comparable to hight end products! As soon as they come to Lithuania, I'll make sure to get more shades. This is a super beautiful deeper pink. It's mauve and non offensive pink, nothing like the barbie-ish stuff. A great break between the nudes if you opt for a change.

Pago Pago by Nars was on my wishlist and I'm not disappointed. It's a great nude for me, doesn't wash me out, it's deep enough. Shimmer in it is not visible on the lips, it rather gives that moist lip look. Very beautiful and posh shade!

Hue by Mac. Do I even need to talk about it? I guess you, ladies know it better than I do. A cult favorite, so much talk about shade. I have to say that I love it just as much! For ages I've been looking for that perfect soft pink/nude everyday color. I don't have a ton of those. If you follow me, you know I'm a red, brown, berry type of girl. So this is perfection! Not too pink, not complete nude but a perfect mix of the two. It looks very pretty and soft for that natural and minimal type of makeup. 
Surely, it's a perfect shade to wear with a strong smokey eye action going on. Overall, a must have Mac shade I think. Plus, I like the formula, it's non drying and long lasting. Total winner.
Essie is one of my favourite nail polish brands. The problem is that in Lithuania they have a very limited amount of shades and they have been siting on that one shelve for ten million years so the polishes are not in the best condition. In Paris, however they have most of the shades and the new collections, of course. It was such a relief for me to be able to get what I want. 
Side note: my Essie wishlist hardly has an end to it.
The downside is that Essie is 13 euros in Paris and here I get the for 5-7euro. It almost feels like buying a Chanel nail polish. The good thing is that I trust the quality so I indulged myself a little.
Pale shimmery lilac is To Buy Or Not To Buy (Spring 2012 collection) and the stunning pacific blue is Lapis of Luxury from the regular collection. That's the shade I wanted for the longest time.
Mavala is very popular brand in France, sold even in some pharmacies. They have a gazillion shades and all the possible collections. I became a big Mavala fan, love their colors and quality. You can easily find dupes from Mavala for so many high end polishes. I thought this one looks very similar to Dior's spring release Waterlily. Their polishes vary from 4 to 5 eur. so not steep at all.
Getting more next time.
 A few h&m purchases. In terms of clothing I didn't find anything that appealed to me. Surprising, huh?   Plus, everyone was going crazy over Marni for h&m collection. I just really didn't care for it. In fact, I found it super odd and not appealing. You gotta have very futuristic/weird/spaceship type of style to rock Marni stuff. Well, let's just say it's not for me.
I found a couple pairs of flats that I liked. Very Chloe-ish nude leather pair that was super pretty and comfy but I ended up with these black classic pointy toed suede flats. I like them a lot. Goes with many things and looks very classy/elegant paired with black tights or just plain skinny jeans.
The necklace is just something quirky and fun. It's a very edgy piece to spice up less interesting outfits. I think it will look cool with my sheer blouses. Not that I wear gold a lot but why not.
These are some proper vintage pieces I got whilst in Honfleur with my boyfriend. We randomly popped to that place. Old French ladies selling their stash. They mostly had textiles, sewing things, vintage buttons. But you could also find some vintage Dior stockings in a box, Hermes belts, Cacharel perfume and such. They had a lot of embroidered cluthes and vintage jewelry. I wish I've gotten a few more cluthes since they were all so pretty and sparkly for mere 5 euros. So the earrings were 1.50 and the clutch 5eur. Very steep, I know! :)

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  1. That eye shadow look amazing :) Im in love with shades like that atm :)
    And the vintage stuff you picked up are gorgeous :)