Thursday, March 29, 2012

Essie Bachelorette Bash

Been enjoying this for the past few days. However, today I am cutting my nails short and applying Chanel Blue Boy again. I go through phases with short/long nail thing. I get bored so quickly by either style. Gotta say I'm on a huge nail polish kick. I haven't even tried all the polishes I've got during the past month and there still is a list of the ones I need to have in my stash. What's wrong here. Nail polishes seem to be taking over my lipstick obsession. Is that even possible?
Now these are the polishes that ought to be in my collection. My shopping bag on BeautyBay:
-Essie A crewed interest
-Essie Haute as Hello
-Essie Demure Vixen 
-Models Own Pro Stark Naked
-Deborah Lippmann Glitter in The Air

Been wanting these for a good while and cannot wait for them to land on my dressing table!



  1. Bachelorette Bash is soo beautiful, perfect spring color! A Crewed Interest and Haute As Hallo are very sweet as well... I´d love to own the complete Essie collection *sigh*

    Love, Juney

  2. Gorgeous! :) Hehe x

  3. wow the colours are lovely :) i love the naked colour nail polish :) hehe might try that out ~~ :D