Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I Wore (or no creative title)

May I just say that I love this outfit soo much? This is what I'd wear everyday if I could but considering that it's inappropriate to wear the same thing the next day, I'll stick to once a week choice. To be honest,  I cannot even wear this anymore because it became waaay too cold. All I'm sporting now is my new aviator suede jacket, chunky knits and winter-ish boots. 
I'm going slightly off topic, let's just stick to what I wanted to say. Well, I think this is one of the more interesting outfits I've worn in quite a while and definitely way more colorful. As long as you consider a black-brown-burgundy combo colorful. I feel very chic in this outfit, it's definitely a trend oriented look, but I love it. It's not something too weird or too trendy, it's very wearable, very elegant. I especially love the uniqueness of this vest, it's definitely not something you see a lot of. Interesting shade, faux fur detailing makes it look like you've got a few layers on. I love mixing textures and patterns. 

The boots which I couldn't stop wearing (well, now it's too cold) compliment the vest so well as they are in the same color family, same minimal yet chic touch. And the bag, oh the bag! (insert dramatic voice). Love this little red beauty, it almost feels like a jewel, a perfect way to dress up the outfit. Here's the breakdown of the pieces:
-Benetton black wool blend sweater
-Black Zara blazer (trf)
-Black Bershka jeggings
-Zara vest
-Primark scarf
-Zara heels
-Zara bag
-H&M stud earrings, Swarovski ring
-Essie Exotic Liras nail polish
Hope you are not too cold yet, girlies! 



  1. The blazer gives the outfit a very interesting yet beautiful twist! I love how you combined it with your heels,They look like the Acne boots you posted a while ago don't they? And let me tell you,I'm in love with your red studded bag hehe! xo Elsa

  2. Thank you, Elsa! Yeah, The vest is perfect for layering with blazers, sweaters or anything else. They are not really similar, Zara ones are way higher and taller but I agree, the have the same minimal feel, ankle booties with a zipper on the sides:) Hehe, I love that bag as well:) xx

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