Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lust list...

These are the pieces that are silently awaiting for me to be purchased. I'm definitely getting all of them, of course if I'll find everything in stores. Sooo obsessed! Cannot wait to posses these spring oozing items! Now the orange craze is quite weird here. I actually hate orange! Always have. There's not a single clothing item or a jewelry piece in my wardrobe that's orange. However, this season orange is gonna be the "it" color along with mint, yellow, pale pink just to name a few. Sooo, now that I will see it everywhere, in fact I already do...I am starting to like it. This happens all the time. You get used to things that are exposed to you. So I thought to myself, why to hate a color. What if I see a stunning piece and won't be able to get it only because it's orange. Anyways, too much ramble, all I'm trying to say is that I am slowly falling in love with the color and will be sure to incorporate these tangerine colored items into my non-orange wardrobe. 

First of, this is a gorgeous jacket from Vero Moda, which looks like sh** in the picture. Believe me, it's stunning and sparkly!
Fantastic snake print+orange stripe scarf from Zara
 Look at the color! That's the only reason I want this jumper! Such a beautiful summery coral. It's by Zara Trf.
I guess there's no words needed to describe these shoes and express my love for them. Pure perfection! Zara.
All the jewelry is from Mango. They always have stunning pieces. Want it all!

(Picture from official Zara, Vero Moda and Mango pages)

What are your fashion cravings for the upcoming spring?


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