Monday, January 30, 2012

Armani aviator

Another impulse buy. It happens to me. A lot. But let's face it, who would resist an Armani jacket that's on sale? I needed something warm but short for the winter. I've got a fur coat, it's great for keeping your bum warm but not too practical. I was hoping to find short vintage fox fur coat in Paris but having checked just one store I kind of forgot about it. 
Aviator jackets were always some of my favorite winter gear, I just love the look of them so much! You can look both classy and casual in them. Muuba jackets stole my heart but their prices are too hight for my wallet so I was browsing designer store (probably the only one in town), since they were having sale. I immediately headed towards jacket and coat rack. And guess what! There are these two Armani aviator beauties hanging. One was for someone as big as an elephant and this one was my size! I fell in love with the jacket the minute I put it on! It looks so cool and feels so cozy and snuggly! Perfect for wearing with black uggs(you don't need to tell me they're ugly, it's all about warmth) or some leather heeled boots. I cannot believe I spotted it, plus Armani has always been one of the classiest brands in my book. 
Now the best aspect of the excitement was that it was 50% off! I'm not gonna tell you the price of it but let's just say that it was only a tiny bit more expensive than Zara winter jackets. Considering it's designer brand, I think it's a pretty good bargain! Should last me for many more winters to come. Fur is not real, which is ok since it's very natural looking and super soft. Very good quality faux, in general I'm not a huge fan of faux fur but this is perfect!

I'm going mental over it, am I not? 



  1. The jacket is amazing and suits you really well! :)

  2. fur is fucking disgusting i hope your happy that youve purchased something which has been abused its whole life.

  3. What are you talking about, moron! It's faux fur! What an ignorance...