Tuesday, January 24, 2012

J'adore Dior...Bill Gaytten's take

So I've watched Dior's latest collection and I thought I'll share a few pieces that really stood out to me. To be honest, the collection did not impress me at all. I mean, yeah the sheer materials of the dresses were pretty but it didn't left me speechless as you would be after seeing the collection by Galliano.

Although, you cannot blame Gaytten for being way more subtle. He perfectly depicts the style of Dior, he said it's not like he's letting away his creativity and going all crazy with designs. He rather helps to keep the iconic style of Dior, directed towards public. There definitely is something missing, Dior is not the same anymore but I have to say that I like it. It's way more subtle but collections still ooze with luxury and a good taste. As I've mentioned, I'm not too fond of the latest collection but the previous one was rather brilliant, I wouldn't mind owning at least the half of it. Bill Gaytten spent 15 years working with Galliano so he's definitely picked the whole feel and idea behind the brand. I hope Dior will remain one of the most glamorous and luxurious brands and Gaytten won't leave Dior admirers disappointed. I am definitely one of them and so far I'm very pleased to see what the new creative director came up with.

On a side note though, models looked too scary for words. I mean the makeup, the hair and attitude were beautiful but God, look at their bodies! I know it's not something new for Dior, they're known for using super skinny models that have issues with anorexia. Give those girls some food, I'm scared looking at their tiny frames! That's definitely something to be considered, Dior needs healthier looking models!
These are the dresses I loved the most. There is something very Tom Ford-ish about them, especially the second one! I love it the most!
 Previous collections that left me speechless! What a magnificent piece of work!
(images from google, we heart it and style.com)


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