Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Current Obsessions

I thought I'd do a post on my favorites of the moment. These are just things I wear daily ever since I got them. That say something, right? 
To start off, a little bit of skin care ramble. I looove this La Roche Posay Effaclar M Sebo-regulating moisturizer. What a mouthful. It is such a wonderful moisturizer for my skin type, works wonders! It's a very light gel texture that absorbs into the skin within a couple of seconds and acts as a makeup base. My skin is left velvety soft after using it and nothing has worked as good (so far) in terms of oil control.  Totally addicted!
Here's my second little addiction. I cannot tell you how much I'm enjoying wearing only skin colored eyeshadow and Teddy by Mac smudged on my top and bottom lashline with a little bit of winged out action going on. That's such a perfect shade of brown, I love the metallic effect that it has yet being subtle and perfect for the day time. It smudges very easily using just a cotton bud. Stays on all day and doesn't move at all. Love!
Here's the eye look I'm talking about. That's a pretty poor example but you get the idea. Nothing too much, feline, subtle and very feminine look.
Now, here's one gimmicky product from Bourjois but apparently I really do love it! It's a two step mascara which you may have heard of already. Step one is a long skinny wand with a natural bristle medium sized brush. Something like Loreal's Voluminous I'd say. This step provides you with elongated, separated and defined lashes. I usually do 2 coats of that and move on to step 2 which is a thick wand with same brush, it only contains a lot more mascara on it. So this step adds more blackness and more drama to your lashes. Perfect for nights out. It does clump your lashes so if you are not a fan of that look, you can skip step 2.
Chanel cream eyeshadow in Ebloui. I wore it during the whole festive season a lot. My cousin said it's gorgeous:) I love how quickly you can achieve a lush smokey eye look using just your fingertips. Plus, the color is totally up my street. Brown and berry mixed together with tons of sparkly reflects. It does not look shimmery on your eyelids at all so don't be afraid of that! 
 Just look at that sparkle!
Now the last makeup item I'm using every single day and am so glad I found it is my Loreal True Match powder. Gives a matt finish to my face, controls the oiliness and makes the skin look very polished. It can look powdery at first but throughout the day it gets more natural. I never look oily with it, yay!!
 Moving on to the more (or not) exciting stuff. I'm so in love with my Zara burgundy booties! They are so minimalistic and elegant. As they say, less is more. This quote applies to these beauties perfectly. The color adds more character to my outfits and perfectly matches my same color family accessories: bags, scarfs, vest, gloves. Plus, I must say that these are incredibly comfortable! So lovely to walk in, simply for the fact that they fit the arch of my feet like a glove. I'm hooked!

 If you can still find them, I highly recommend getting them. But you know sales in Zara...the minute they start, stores are being attacked by people, grabbing everything and then there's abnormal queue for the checkout. Anyways, if you're lucky enough to find them, black or burgundy, just rush to the cashier without trying on. Or else someone will snap them right of your hands. And then you'll be standing there blinking not knowing what has just happened! :)
Another sale treasure of mine. How lovely is this little red leather bag? Shall I call it LRB as in LBD? Well, it's beautiful and, nothing much else to say, really. The color, the studs, the leather, everything about it feels very luxe and chic. I feel like I'm one of those first rowers at Valentino show wearing it. Nuff' said!

Hope you all are having a beautiful week my darlings! See you very soon, I now am off to bed!



  1. you have made me want to get ebloui!!! and every time i pass by true match powder I think of you! once I finish my current powders I will give it a try!

  2. Oh that studded bag is beautiful♥
    Your eye make-up is wonderful.I just posted my current obsessions as well,Can you check out my blog? Let me know what you think Eve. Love,Elsa♥

  3. @Lilladylife, Hahah, I must be convincing:) I was thinking of the ladies in my family everytime I'd see it until I got it myself!

    @Elsa, Thank you, hun! You've got tons of inspiring pictures on your blog, keep it up:) xx