Friday, November 4, 2011

My hotel room sink

 I thought I may take a snap of my travel face and hair essentials. I'm pretty simple as I've noticed, my sink can still breathe. Here's a run-down of products in case you wanna know:
Gliss Kur leave-in contitioner for hair 
Garnier mini hairspray
Gliss Kur hair repair serum
Clarins toner for Oily/combo skin
Lumene eye gel
Lumene mattifying face moisturizer
Nivea deodorant
Herbal Essences hair shine serum
Clarins makeup remover
Nivea sensitive face wash in a little pot
Colgate whitening toothpaste

Do you, girls, bring tons of products with you while traveling or just the essentials? :)



  1. I am probably your mother's age, so this is what I travel with for my age. Lately I have been traveling half of the year away from home. I take all the products I want, but I re-pot them into smaller containers and refill as needed from the normal size at home.

  2. Yeah, that's the most convenient way of bringing all you need with you. Just depoting everything in smaller containers. I used to bring a massive amount of products with me, all in full size. I guess, the older you get, the wiser you are:)

  3. I'm so happy to read this :) I'm happy to have an online beauty buddy like you - real and not surperficial!

  4. Thank you, Isadelia! Yeah, I agree with you, so many superficial people these times...hard to come across someone being themselves, especially in the beauty/fashion world!

  5. Every girl probably has her own list! Thanks for sharing this photo... I noticed the sink is very organized. Women are known for being tidy... Let's be proud of that! :D

    1. Oh, I don't agree about every woman being very tidy! I know some super messy ladies:)
      But yeah, I also like seeing what other girls use,it's somehow interesting!

  6. Your hotel sink is immaculate! There’s no sign of any accumulated dirt such as falling hair or bead toothpaste in it. I bet the hotel staff are really meticulous when it comes to housekeeping services, or they probably get help from skilled plumbers too!

  7. We only stayed a few days and plus I'm not a dirty person. Hair and toothpaste all over is so gross! I just clean after myself:) x