Friday, November 18, 2011

Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes and everyday face

I've been really wanting to do a review on this mascara since I got it because it's the best thing ever! Well, I might say the same thing another million times on other new mascaras I may fall in love with in the future. BUT, for the moment this is my favorite mascara! I love Maybelline Falsies and was gonna get a new tube of it when I saw this newbie. The thing that caught my eyes was the magic "cat eyes" words on the tube. I always liked that feline eye makeup, very sexy and feminine eye. So I got it without any further ado not expecting too much to be honest. I was attracted by it's claims but thought it's just another product with a good marketing strategy, how can a mascara give you a cat eye look without any eyeliner used!

To my surprise, this mascara does exactly what it claims! I could not believe it the first time I applied it. The brush is very lovely, natural bristles, same shape as the Falsies has but the wand is a little thinner. I applied it as a regular mascara and was very impressed how it made my corner lashes way longer than the other ones! I did not even have to put any effort onto the outer lashes, the way this wand is shaped, it somehow lengthens your corner lashes way more! It is such a brilliant mascara, I'm truly impressed by the results, plus it does not clump my lashes, you can layer it a lot, it does not smudge at all, it both elongates and volumises the lashes. Perfection! I was always sure that drugstore mascaras are the best. Highly recommend it to everyone!

P.S. It is not an equivalent to Maybelline Falsies Flare mascara! You, American girls may not have this as I was informed and I've noticed that we just got the Flare one here so no, it is not the same mascara! Haven't tried the latter one, though.

Some visual proof for you here

 On another note, I've gotten some requests to film my everyday makeup routine which I have done already but I feel like I might film an updated one since I use slightly different products an have finally found things that work for me. I think this is the look that really suits me the best, I am very pleased with it and have been wearing the same look everyday for at least two months:) It really says something, doesn't it? Here is a rundown of products I use everyday and check my Youtube channel for the video, I am planning on doing it in a meantime.

Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix
Concealer: Bourjois Healthy Mix
Powder: Chanel Poudre Universelle
Blush: Nars Douceur
Eyebrow pencil: Artdeco #6
Eyeshadow: Mac Patina (all over the lid)
Eliner: Chanel waterproof in Espresso
Eyelash curlers: Chanel
Mascara: Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes
Lipgloss: h&m in Rose Toffee (yes, h&m, you read that right!)

(what I wear on my lips varies a lot! If lip glosses, they are either Bourjois 3D effect ones and if lipsticks lately I wore the most my brown Dior Addict Shine one in 525 Vintage)



  1. I need to buy that mascara! I love that effect it gave to your lashes,very beautiful and feminine.
    Yay can't wait for the make-up tutorial!!(I was one of the girls who requested it jeje) have a lovely day,xx elsa

  2. Yeah, definitely try it! I find that Maybelline has so many offers, especially where I live so you can get the mascara really cheap!
    Hehe, have a lovely day as well!