Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beauty splurge

If you know me, you know that I prefer quality makeup to loads of useless stuff. I do loosen myself sometimes and get loads of shitz from new cheap drugstore collections. That both is a good and a bad thing. First of all I get to experience a bunch of new products and often times find something that works really well, secondly it has let me down numerous times. Lack of pigmentation, rubbish textures, horrific ingredients and what not.

When I do buy high end makeup I like to do some research before hand so that I know I'm not gonna just throw my money away but actually love and use the item. So here's a couple of products I've recently treated myself with and have been so happy ever since! 
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation in B10
Chanel Illusion d'Ombre long-lasting cream eyeshadow in Ebloui
Chanel nail polish in Graphite
YSL Volupté Sheer Candy lipstick in #5
So onto the cream eyeshadow. They come in 6 different shades which is quite a disappointment but I suppose they'll release more shades in the future. After so many this-or-that decisions I finally decided to get the gorgeous burgundy/brown shade with lots of golden and red shimmers. It is fantastic! Such a unique and sexy shade. The texture of the eyeshadow is simply immaculate! It is not really a cream, it's a bit harder, more like a mousse but then again it's not a mouse, it's bouncy! So interesting and different,  very smooth to apply, glides on like a dream. You can either use your fingers or the little brush it comes with to apply the shadow. I feel like you can get more intensity by applying it with a brush but using your fingers it's so much easier. You just swipe it on, blend it and you've got a smoky eye! It's one of the darkest shades in the collection but you can also wear it during daytime for a stronger eye look. Tone down the rest of your face and you'll look fantastic! Since I got it, I really wanna get my hands on the taupe/purple shade called Illusoire. They are all just so beautiful! People compare them with Armani Eyes To Kill cream eyeshadows but I haven't tried them so cannot comment. Have any of you tried those, what are your thoughts?
Graphite was my favorite of the three shades in the collection. Peridot is supposed to be the star of the collection but I don't feel like it, I don't think yellowish green shade would suit my complexion. It's definitely the most unique shade and beautiful to look at but personally I prefer Graphite. Haven't worn it yet, so excited to polish my nails with it tonight! Expect some pics:)
Vitalumiere Aqua foundation has been on my wishlist for such a long time! Actually, since it came out and I saw the first review, I've been wanting it. So here it is, sitting on my vanity right now.
Does it live up to the hype? Definitely!
It's probably the most beautiful foundation I've tried! 

Packaging: very compact, ideal for traveling, very light bottle as it's not glass as of other Chanel foundations. The nozzle has a stopper so you won't squeeze out too much product, all the control is in your hands! Great.

Texture: it is a water based foundation so you've got to shake it up very well before using as the water has to mix up with the product. It is very liquidy and runny texture, very light on the skin. However, the coverage is really good! I'd say it's between a tinted moisturizer and foundation. What I love about it is that it sets into your skin to the point where you cannot even see it! It is so seamless and natural that noone will detect foundation on your skin. It blends out very well, driest pretty fast leaving your skin very healthy and natural as I said skin-like looking. It's not too glowy not too matt. It's more matt in fact, you don't look like a grease ball after application. I have a seriously oily skin so I love the effect it gives me. I do however have to blot it throughout the day to as the shine gets through after about 5 hours or so. But that's not a big deal for me, it always happens. I'd rather look more natural and blot my shine away than have a heavy matte foundation that stays on for 10 hours.

It has a wonderful flowery scent that lingers on your skin for a while, plus it makes it so pleasurable to apply it. I love it, but if you hate scented products, stay away from it! Those that have very sensitive skin, test it before buying as well as it might break you out, I've heard that it broke out people that have acne-prone skin. My skin is sensitive and acne-prone as well but I've not experienced any problems with it yet. Maybe because I've been using it for less than a week but we'll see. 
I hope it works fine as I now consider it to be one of my top 3 foundations! 
I suppose it suits all skin types, dry, combo, oily. Oily skinned people consider blotting, though:)

It comes in two undertones, pink one which is BR and B which has yellow undertones. Shade selection is quite good. I've finally found a Chanel foundation that's light enough for me! Such a suits me perfectly!
Bottle is 30ml and price is the same as of all the other Chanel foundations. Approx. 40euros

Now onto the last item- Sheer Candy lipstick. It is divine! No joke, this is my favorite or second favorite lipstick from now on! The range has only 6 shades all of which are very light lip balm-like, there's one bright pink shade and this dark cherry color. I looove it! If I had to make a lipstick myself, this would be it! 
First of all, the packaging is as luxurious as it can get, it feels very solid and expensive. Silver tube with gold monogram in the burgundy setting. Fantastic!
The lipstick itself smells of mango candy, which makes you want to taste it whilst applying. The texture is incredible, it's a very glossy balm. A lipstick mixed with a lip balm, in fact. It's very moisturizing, your lips feel very hydrated after application. And the color, oh the color! It is gorgeous, I love how it is very sheer but still that sexy wine color. It looks like your lips have just been bitten or you've had a makeout session with your boyfriend (sorry!). I know I'm so hyper about it but I truly found my ideal lipstick. It is not long lasting obviously as it is not your rich pigmented lipstick. But what a pleasure it is to apply it...I also love how it wears off, the glossiness slowly disappears and your lips are left with that natural cherry shade. Very glamorous! I feel like it will be gone within a couple of months if I keep being so excited about wearing it but hell, I'll get another million tubes of it!
Here I'm wearing all the products on my face, pictures were taken after having my makeup on for 10 hours which is not the best representation (lipstick has obviously been reapplied) but I just wanna show you that the intensity of the shadow stays very well, it creased a little bit of course, but I had no eyeshadow base of shadow underneath it so it kinda says a lot. It's a great product!


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