Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Minimal me

Today I wore very minimal makeup and enjoyed it:)
Products I used:
Bourjois Healthy mix foundation and concealer
Artdeco eyebrow pencil
Chanel Poudre Universelle
Nars Douceur blush
Maybelline Colossal Cat eyes mascara
Bourjois 3D effect lipgloss in Framboise Tonic

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Love this natural look!

    What is your colour in Healthy Mix foundation?

    I got a sample of it in the shade 53, and it is def darker than me, but I kinda like ot myself really buffed out. The finish of it is really natural and beautiful.

    Did you try the Healthy Mix Gel foundation?

  2. Thank you! I use #51, the lightest one. Maybe try #52? The number I use is for really pale people.
    I've been eyeing the gel one and actually swatched it today, it is definitely much lighter formula, shame they didn't have it in my shade. 52 is too dark and I don't even know if they do it in 51. I'm also worried about staying power of the latter as my skin is very oily.

    Have you tried it yourself?

  3. My skin is soo light as yours. :)

    Here where I live they don't sell the original Healthy Mix in #51, but they sell it from the Gel formulation... It is kind of weird... :S

    I haven't tried the gel formulation yet, but because of the shade I think I'm gonna stick with it. (But I really like the formula of the original Healthy Mix on my skin so I don't know what to do. What a problem. :D )

    But I will test it tommorow. Tank you for your answer! :)

  4. Stay true and classy Eve... Friends Forever xx

  5. Agh so jealous of your brows!

  6. @ Vix hehe, thank you, girl! xx

  7. Hi, I just wanted to tell that I finally bought the Healthy Mix Serum in #51, and the shade fits me perfectly, and I never had a foundation that blended in soo easily... I only need like 20 sec to apply it, it is awsome and the finish is really skin-like.
    If you once will have the chance to try it, don't hesitate, it is really awsome! I hope they will bring it to your country!
    My only gripe is that I can't buy the original Healthy Mix in the same shade, but I will search it on the net, maybe I will find it somewhere.

    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Oh, so nice to hear you love it! They have it everywhere here, if I ever come across shade #51, I'll definitely get it! How's the staying power? Is it suitable for us oily-skined people? :)
    Good luck finding the original one!

  9. The staying power is pretty good too! My nose-chin and forhead didn't become shiny at all, only had this natural skin looking sheen to it, that the foundation itself has. :)