Thursday, November 10, 2011

A mish mash of everything

So this post has no real topic, it's just basically sit-tell-what's-on-my-mind kind of thing. I haven't been blogging much lately, I know but sometimes you just cannot find time to do what you like. Or even if I find time for blogging, if I don't feel like writing something, I won't. It's something I do for my own pleasure and I have to enjoy the time I sit down and write something on my blog. I like to share some random bits from my life not taking it all too seriously. I do love makeup and I aimed to be a blog focused on beauty products but it turns out it's not what I want my blog to be like. If I feel like I wanna share how I'm dressed today, I will, if I wanna show the nail color I'm wearing that day, I'll do a post. I love being able to keep it all unexpected, nonchalant and interesting. Routine gets boring. If you follow my blog mainly for makeup product reviews, this is not a place for you. 

So, here I have some animal print going on. I noticed I've accumulated quite a few leopard print pieces and use them pretty much daily. I was such a hardcore hater of leopard print, I thought it's the tackiest thing ever! I pretty much detested girls that wore it. Now something changed my mind and I simply love it! Of course, you have to be careful wearing it, it's a tricky pattern, you can look ridiculous if you wear it the wrong way. I like it in accessories mostly, as you can tell. I feel that it's not too much that way, just the right amount of leopard. It even looks very classy and elegant I think and it's been around for ages, every season you'll find something of leopard print on the market. Select, and wear it subtly, that's my advice:)
Another thing to note, winter is approaching and my wardrobe is getting as colorful as never! I'm weird like that.
Sorry for the ridiculous photo, took it just before going to sleep. I HAD to write about this. I absolutely hate when girls wear their hair like this. That ridiculous top knot trend has to go away! I do wear my hair in a bun and I have nothing to say against it but this messy God knows what on top of your head is ridiculous! So many girls online wear their hair like this aiming to be fashionable. First of all, it looks like you have no respect for yourself AND your hair. Second, I cannot imagine what guys think of this nonsense. Lastly, if you wanna look like a walking bird's nest, it's a look for you! 
I put my hair up like that JUST when I go to bed and I wanna keep my curls in place for the next day. It's comfy to sleep and you have your curls, regular bun gets uncomfortable. 
Going out with this on my head? Oh, Lord!
On the last mention, I'd like to say that there has been a couple of days when I wore no makeup to uni. Well, mascara and a lip balm but that doesn't really count, my lips are very dry and eyes look brighter with some mascara, here's an excuse for you. As much as I love make up and the process of applying it in the morning, it feels so comforting to actually wear nothing on your face. Being natural and letting your skin breathe is great! I'm not saying I won't wear makeup anymore, all I want to say is that it's good to have breaks like this. When I have one class and 3 hour break after or an exam, I don't bother with makeup as my skin has cleared up quite a bit. I was very insecure about my pimples and spots so I used to pack on foundation and concealer to cover everything up. As my skin is way clearer now *knocks on wood* I feel much more confident about it and can get away with wearing just moisturizer or a very little of product. Girls, if you have clear and beautiful skin, keep it that way, be natural and appreciate it! You can always use makeup and clog your pores. There is no need to cover something that does not need to be covered, let your skin breathe:)

I'll be looking for a lighter foundation aswell, however it has to keep my oiliness at bay! The clearer the skin, the less foundation you need, the more natural you look. Do you have any recommendations, girls? I heard Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is very good light foundation suitable for oily skin.

Have a wonderful weekend you all! I'm now off to sleep with my top knot. Zzzz...

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  1. Oh you look gorgeous as always!!! Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua is quite nice and light and you may like it since you enjoy Bourjois Healthy Mix which is "rumored" to be from the same factory? I personally prefer Make Up Forever Face and Body. More gel water like, more shades, and no scent. Hope you find something great!!!