Sunday, August 7, 2011

Waterproof eyeliners

If you are on a hunt for a waterproof eyeliner, stick with this post! Although, summer will soon wave goodbye, for some of you holiday season might just begin. I've been doing a research on waterproof eyeliners before going on my holiday to Turkey. With two products on my mind I headed to Duty Free whilst at the airport and picked up brown and black eyeliners without further ado. Brown being Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner in 20 Espresso and black being YSL Dessin Du Regard Waterproof eye pencil in #1 Noir Encre.

The Chanel one is retractable and has a little built-in sharpener at the end. It is a hard and thin eyeliner that works brilliant creating that very defined natural eye liner look, it doesn't budge, stay put and doesn't leave eye liner marks on your eyelid whenever you blink. I was basically living in the water and it was still going on very well. It's not a creamy eye liner so you have to work a little harder on application but I definitely recommend it! I love the color as well, it's a deeper brown, true espresso color. Not as harsh as black, but sexier looking than plain brown.

I have to honestly say that the YSL one won my heart! It IS brilliant! I've never owned an eyeliner this creamy! I guess YSL has something with the creaminess of their products (lipsticks, eye liners). I love how easy it is to apply, if you are in a rush, just a quick sweep of this on your eye lids, blend it and voila, a smoky eye! It's buttery texture makes it so easy to apply, it almost feels like you are applying  gel eyeliner. However, be noted that before doing something further with your eye makeup or blinking too much, you have to wait for a moment and let the pencil sit properly. Otherwise, you will have eyeliner transferred on your eyelids. But once it sets, it's not going anywhere. It also comes with a sharpener so you can create that precise cat eye with a sharpened pencil. I think it might be one of my fave eye liners from now on, need to get it in brown or more unique colors such as navy blue #3 Ultramarine or burgundy  #5 Bourgogne Moire.



  1. thanks for the recommendations,but how expensive are they ?

    alexandra @

  2. They retail for about 20 euros, I got mine at Duty Free for 17. I believe they re cheaper in US. They re great products, you know what u re paying for!

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