Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Highlights of this week

School shopping! (or shall is say uni shopping?)
Don't know how about you girls but for me it's one of the happiest memories about school. Going back to school shopping. I used to get super excited about the idea that I'm going to pick up new colorful notebooks, pens, rubbers, pencils and what not. I am now set away from all that excitement being in my twenties and carrying only pen and a big all-in-one notebook to uni. 

However, when I went to the shopping centrum this weekend, I thought what the heck! And jumped into that faces-full-of-joy back to school shopping wagon. I just wanted to feel like a 5th grader again and got some colourful little things that might not be very necessary but hey, I don't wanna be grown-up just yet!
Things I got:
Pink rubber material hole puncher
Black and light purple pen (how much more exciting that will be to take notes in lilac!)
Colourful peper notes with cats
A beautiful notebook which says LOVE
A smiley sheep with colourful note pads inside
Pink sticky notes
Beautiful navy blue pen which is in the case
A plastic folder thingy to organize my papers
 Another thing that made me smile. Mum's homemade cupcakes, so simple yet so tasty!
Have a lovely week, everyone!


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