Saturday, August 27, 2011

A modern French

I was bored to death with my nails, didn't know what nail polish to apply, everything just didn't seem to work out for me. So, I was highly inspired by Lisa Eldridge's (i'm sure you all know who she is) video on a modern french nail tutorial. I really fell in love with how her nails turned out and as she pointed out, this is a very chic look. Plus, this is one of my favorite color combinations: navy blue and nude.

I, personally have never tried out the classic French manicure. The white tips look rather tacky to me. There is so much of this look everywhere, most of the girls around (i'm not even talking about high school) seem to worship the French tip. Tacky. Period.

However, this is a complete new level, a much more interesting twist on the old fashioned French. The key to this look is an oval shaped nails (it's about time to get rid of that rectangular nonsense), two different colors that do not clash and work beautifully together. Think, red/fuchsia and orange tips, cobalt blue and turquoise tips, black/purple and gold tips. There are so many variations of this trend that you can work out.

I absolutely love my nude nails and navy blue tips, it's just so classy, chic and sophisticated yet far from boring. The blue I used here is not flat, it has some shine or shimmer to it so it makes the whole manicure look very eye-catching when the sun hits! Oh, I have to mention this, painting the tips is quite a challenge, especially the right hand if you are right-handed! So be careful not to mess up, it requires some patience but the result is worth it:)

Products I used to achieve this manicure:
Catrice Limited Edition Floralista collection nail polish in color Walk in The Woods
Catrice nail polish in It Blue My Mind!
Pronails Seco-Seco top coat
and some nail art tools.

YSL came out with this idea a while back where they sold duos of nail polishes just for that modern French manicure look. I think they might still sell those.
Have you tried this manicure? What are your thoughts?



  1. gorgeous nails! Love the nude with the royal blue color.

  2. Oh, thank you! I fell in love with that look the minute I tried it! :)